You Just Get One…

One Love?Okay, I admit right off the bat that maybe this is not the best of times for me to be behind the keyboard. I have had a few stiff bourbons and having exhausted that I have moved on to lesser things like improvised margaritas. That being said though, I have something on my mind, and found it mostly expressed in a few songs, on in particular. A country-ish song from a few years ago, well now that I think on it, a LOT of years ago. That aside though, there is a song entitled “You Just Get One…,” the lyrics of which include, “You just get one true love.”

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…a decent proposal…

a decent proposalOr… what I did a few nights ago that had not been made public that was so interesting. I love the idea that is presented and thought it would be a fun thing to give a grand effort toward. I mean after all, this woman is clearly attractive, very active, passionate about a fair number of things. Beyond those qualities is the fact that she is a world traveler, apparently owns homes in New York City and Lake Tahoe, and is in general seems to be a very positive person. So, at this point, I am finding myself mildly feeling the sting of rejections, as I proposed my proposal several days ago and have, as of yet, not received a response.

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Morning Caress

Blue SwirlsLaying in bed, holding someone you care about has to be some of the sweetest moments that I think can possibly exist. As such a moment occurred in the not so distant past I kept thinking in my half awake state how one would capture something like that artistically. The more I thought of that the more I realized how come I could never truly be an artist and am instead left to appreciate the artistic endeavors of others. My thoughts ran something akin to the following: Continue reading “Morning Caress”

Seven Year Love

RachelA few mornings back as I made a bleary eyed drive home for a brief stop over I stumbled on a preacher in the early AM hours who was just starting his message about Jacob and his waiting not once, but two times through seven years of service to her father to eventually have Rachel’s hand in marriage. What a love that must have been to have had that kind of patience and determination. Can you imagine anyone doing that today? Continue reading “Seven Year Love”

Random, Technology, Reflection

Solar MirrorsI have so many things that I am wanting to write about her in the blog right now that I am almost shutting myself down with the thoughts running around here and there in my head. I thought this evening I would just run with some short little notes about things. Which is a good lead into the first thing I wish to bring to your attention, and of course, I have to do this as my favorite, a list. Continue reading “Random, Technology, Reflection”

Strong —> Weak

Strong Leading Man?So this is a thought that probably started about three months back or somewhere near that time anyway. I have been considering giving it some space here on the blog for a bit, but then the other night a good friend of mine, who shares such things as the occasional Cosmo article with me, sent me a thing about the four stages of “His” love (and I suppose for clarification that particular one comes from MSN). Anyway, as I read through the four stages I realized that it was not that far from what I was thinking about blogging about.

Specifically I was going to mention how a man probably starts out with a bit of flair and confidence. It follows this not absolutely true for all men and the next part is not true for all women, but for a good number of each of the sexes it is true. A fair number of women are attracted to the strong manly type. That strength can be physical, but what I am really talking about is that self-confidence type of strength – and not so far with that it becomes cocky. But just think about a Jane Austen leading man type for instance. And I think I can speak from experience and years ago I did not have that self-confidence. That was back when life sucked.

So far we are pretty much right on track with the four stages of his love as presented in the article. First stage he comes on as either trying stammering while trying to be confident or actually having that confidence and perhaps exaggerating a bit to make it even better.

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Anniversary & Updates

I was just about to write a short little note updating some things in my life and more particular what was going on here with my blog and such as that. As I started my usual checks of Facebook, MySpace, and the 400 other places I check online nearly daily, I realized the date. It was indeed this exact weekend sixteen years ago that I said some vows to someone. Sixteen years and a couple of days I was enjoying one the most wonderful weeks of my life, at a small local park that had cabins and camping, a playground with adult sized swings, frisbee-golf course, and caves that John Hunt Morgan reportedly regularly used as a hideout. All of that was combined with miles of woods and wildlife and beautiful overlooks of the Ohio river, as well as up close and personal as the vestiges of a by-gone era, the boats pushing the barges. Anyway… not something I want to dwell on much at all other than to note that we never really know what life will deal to us going forward. We can only be sure that it will be something at least a little bit different then what we had planned.

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Friendship on Fire

A short quick post, as I am not wanting to dwell on things very much in this vein to be honest. Just in case anyone is wondering, especially if you had been looking at my Facebook profile – yes, I had fallen for someone. I had fallen for her very hard in a fairly short amount of time. That quote I have about love is friendship on fire – well that is how I was feeling about things with her. We started talking as friends due to common interests and such. And I just feel so hard so quickly it is almost hard for me imagine, much less describe. However, if you have been paying attention to the same things you also know well that I have been a bit emotionally in the shade of blue the last two weeks or so. The speed at which she and I fell for one another was slow compared to the speed at which she stopped things. That is what has had me sad. The speed of it really just hit me like lightning out of the blue sky, well, okay, the blue sky had turned a threatening gray for just a bit, but still it was quick. Now a lot of people tell me I fall for people to quickly and easily. I don’t think that is really the case, but Continue reading “Friendship on Fire”


First, my sincere apologies. I know there is a silent hush and even a gasp or two that I did not continue my huge running record of eight days in a row with at least one blog posting. Sorry folks and my apologies. I will try to make up for it some today. I had, to say the least a rough couple of days lately, and while I am sure some of that will come out more here shortly, it doesn’t necessarily all need too and it especially doesn’t need to be in this blog. That is no excuse though and had I not gotten distracted for a good bit with emails and such at around 11:00pm yesterday, when I sat down to compose this, I would have probably keep day nine in a row intact as well. Speaking of records, one was set here yesterday, the most pages viewed here at the Mephistos blog ever!

On to the subject matter. I was talking to a friend today and was told it is hard to be happy oneself if one’s own happiness is tied totally to another person. Now maybe that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it did kind of too me. I am very saddened by a recent turn of events and I admit that I was about to completely lose it – just what exactly it is, I am not sure, but I was about to lose it at the time of the conversation. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while a HUGE part of future dreams, goals, ambitions, and just things to do, things to have, were being built around a person, not all of them necessarily are. There are huge holes in those dreams and goals that, well, really can not be accomplished without another person. And frankly, I think those are important dreams and goals to have. But, what I wanted to do was list some of the goals, dreams, or just general things that will bring me happiness without that special person. And just so anyone reading knows – I do think any goals achieved with someone to share them with are all the more special and apt to bring that much more happiness.

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