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Good Things

Fall – Cricket Chirp

The other morning, Sunday before Labor Day, I think, I was in awake rather early and heard the delightful chirp of a cricket. Actually at first I was not quite sure what I was hearing, but as I sought out the sound and got closer it dawned on my sleeping awareness that it was indeed a cricket. Really not anything to get excited about, except that I have always associated the chirp of crickets with the onset of fall – which is my favorite time of year.

Coffee Mug – End of Era

The other morning I tried to do to many things at once and because of that I dropped my favorite coffee/tea mug as it slipped from my grip and broke the handle off of it. No problem I though, I have all the pieces and can glue it back on at some point later, maybe and if not I can use it without a handle for the most part. But with sadness yesterday I realized that there is a hairline fracture in the vessel now and sure enough this morning I noted that there was a leak from my tea…

Happy Thanksgiving!

A quick post to say Happy to Thanksgiving to all my friends and family, and especially the extended family that occasionally reads the blog!

Non-Comic Error

For those few who might not know I am, or at least have been in the past an avid fisherman. There is much more to that story, but suffice it to say up until the time I got out of college from early March until late into the fall I was fishing at least once every other weekend, often more like two and three times in a weekend. Something happened in there with work and other hobbies and it took a back seat. Fortunately for the last few years I have picked that long-lost hobby back up, not the same level, but something approaching it. Fortunately for me, my wonderful wife has also started enjoy it, at least on occasion and has even went out with me at night for catfish the last couple of weekends (and unfortunately has out-fished me on the occasions as well). Friday evening’s adventure is the setting of this story…

Baseball Observations

Given that my Reds are now eight games up and mathematically almost a lock, I had to give a few comments – especially after football yesterday.

Weekly Browsing

A new tool to do something very similar to what I was doing before, but even better. Weekly Browsing is a great plugin for Firefox and gets my best recommendation for such tools.

Cost Savers

While at the grocery last night, I made the suggestion to my better half that we get cream chease in a box versus that in the container and save a little bit in the process by simply using our own container when we get home. The idea carries over to a few other grocery items.

Fishing and American

The last couple of months, as I think to have noted elsewhere, I have rediscovered an old favorite past-time – notably fishing! I am extremely dismayed however at the lack of American made fishing equipment and the shoddy stuff that is coming from oversees is much less quality then in the past.

Back Home

Just in case you missed it, I have been on vacation some over the last little bit. Prior to that and up until today I have been either crazily prepping to go or recovering – not to mention all the extra stuff that I felt had to be resolved at the office…

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