Fall – Cricket Chirp

cricketThe other morning, Sunday before Labor Day, I think, I was in awake rather early and heard the delightful chirp of a cricket.  Actually at first I was not quite sure what I was hearing, but as I sought out the sound and got closer it dawned on my sleeping awareness that it was indeed a cricket.  Really not anything to get excited about, except that I have always associated the chirp of crickets with the onset of fall – which is my favorite time of year.

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Coffee Mug – End of Era

MugThe other morning I tried to do to many things at once and because of that I dropped my favorite coffee/tea mug as it slipped from my grip and broke the handle off of it.  No problem I though, I have all the pieces and can glue it back on at some point later, maybe and if not I can use it without a handle for the most part.  But with sadness yesterday I realized that there is a hairline fracture in the vessel now and sure enough this morning I noted that there was a leak from my tea… Continue reading “Coffee Mug – End of Era”

Happy Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingA quick post to say Happy to Thanksgiving to all my friends and family, and especially the extended family that occasionally reads the blog!  Hope that everyone has or has already had a wonderful day with family and friends, some good food that hopefully included a bit of turkey and the fixings, and if you are travelling I hope those are safe throughout.  Lastly, an appropriate thought for the day, a few things for which I am thankful of includes my wife and her wonderful ability to cope with me, my dog who is loyal beyond all, the horses, who have put up with me despite my large absence this year, and of course my job and people I work with.  Oh yeah, I should not forget all those hours of fishing and the fish that have allowed me to catch and often eat them!

** – Image is from Wiki Commons.

Non-Comic Error

BluegillFor those few who might not know I am, or at least have been in the past an avid fisherman. There is much more to that story, but suffice it to say up until the time I got out of college from early March until late into the fall I was fishing at least once every other weekend, often more like two and three times in a weekend. Something happened in there with work and other hobbies and it took a back seat. Fortunately for the last few years I have picked that long-lost hobby back up, not the same level, but something approaching it. Fortunately for me, my wonderful wife has also started enjoy it, at least on occasion and has even went out with me at night for catfish the last couple of weekends (and unfortunately has out-fished me on the occasions as well). Friday evening’s adventure is the setting of this story…

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Baseball Observations

RedsGiven that my Reds are now eight games up and mathematically almost a lock, I had to give a few comments – especially after football yesterday. As I said yesterday, in most other sports I am a casual fan at best, never picking that one team to be a die-hard fan of and follow them through thick and thin. The Cincinnati Reds and UK basketball being the exceptions. Both are teams that had a great deal of success in the mid and late 1970’s, which of course corresponds with I started to be interested in actually watching and certainly understanding the games.

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Weekly Browsing

Weekly BrowsingI think I mentioned a similar tool to Weekly Browsing about six to eight weeks ago. I was so excited at the time with a tool called Browse Periodically and had not tested it to my purposes. While the later worked just fine in most instances, it was not exactly what I wanted. I will say that Weekly Browsing is a much better option in both functionality and suitability to my purposes. And just so everyone is on the same page I am talking about plugins for the Firefox browser.

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Cost Savers

Pennies Add UpWhile at the grocery last night, I made the suggestion to my better half that we get cream cheese in a box versus that in the container and save a little bit in the process by simply using our own container when we get home.  The idea carries over to a few other grocery items.  While I will fully admit none of them are going to amount to huge savings individually, if you add all of them up together it can result in some fairly significant savings, especially over a years time.  And in this current economy, who could not use that?

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Fishing and American

fishingThe last couple of months, as I think to have noted elsewhere, I have rediscovered an old favorite past-time – notably fishing! It has come about largely because a good friend of mine (Johnny) has asked a few times that I join him and additionally having a lake almost in the backyard makes it easy to kick back for an hour or two here and there without much effort involved. Thankfully, I had kept the gear from what seems like a different lifetime now and after a few times out and some work in the garage it is now in fair working order. I did however, purchase one new Zebco 33 to replace an aging one that I could not get to work immediately for the first trip I made out.

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Back Home

vacationJust in case you missed it, I have been on vacation some over the last little bit. Prior to that and up until today I have been either crazily prepping to go or recovering – not to mention all the extra stuff that I felt had to be resolved at the office. However, I am back in full force now and pleased to be so. There are many posts that will end up in all of my blogs that involve things over the recent vacation, so look for those shortly. In the meantime, a little tease here and there and a little bit of catching up are in order.

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