Disk Drives

SSDDisk drives that move are all but finished at this point. Historically a large number of us can recall the 5.25″ floppy disk drives that came standard on those first computers and maybe some of us can even recall the older 8″ drives before those. But unless you have been living under a rock the last five or six years even the 3.5″ floppy, yet hard cased, diskettes have disappeared. To get one these days is a special order and probably going to be an external device. Get ready though, more things are coming soon that will see a bigger set of changes…

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Your Sign

HAY SQUIAR - ROnHaving recently relocated up the road a bit, I have observed a few things about the new community. For the most I like it pretty well and think that the proximity to some more urban offerings will suit me well for the short-term. I have seen a few signs and advertisements that make me wonder just a little bit about the over all intellect of the new community though. Granted, I am sure I could have found these same kinds of things in most of the previous communities in which I have resided, but because I had an eye out in particular these really caught my attention.

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More Tech Times…

Lucid LynxAs I noted yesterday, exciting times with two major releases of systems that I love coming out with in days of one another. Yesterday my focus was on WordPress 3.0, today I will turn my attention to Ubuntu. Ubuntu, for those that may not know, is a Linux distribution that has, in my opinion at least, lead the way in making Linux easy to use for the not so technical person. It has done this while still retaining all the things that one expects to find in Linux and comes in several flavors, including several desktop varieties as well as installs that are for servers.

The upcoming release, Ubuntu 10.04 is a Long Term Support (LTS) edition and will replace 8.04 in that role as the newest in that role. It is code-named Lucid Lynx, continue a two letter catching animal descriptor for the release. The long-term support is important, as it will have support on desktop versions for three years and server editions for five (the normal six month releases only have support for a maximum of one year). There have been a lot of new features included in interim editions since 8.04 that are going to be nice to have on a machines that require a longer commitment before taking a chance on a major systems upgrade. My personal situation has several Ubuntu servers running 6.04, which is way back dated and will be heading into ended support soon enough – so this is a going to be a major step forward. I also have a laptop that I have waited a few months to put this version as a dual-boot system and i am more than ready to get Linux on it!

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Kentucky Basketball

UKI am a fan and have been since at least the 1978 team, maybe a bit longer. I had kind of being disappointed with the program the last few years. I could have written a blog or two about the come back of the program under Callipari, but really decided to hold off until the end of the season and see how things went. Besides, what more could I say that my friend and co-worker Larry Vaught typically does not already cover? But as I sit here watching the last few seconds of the what surely the end of the Wildcats run I thought I would give some of my thoughts…

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Frankly Scarlet

One thing I have been neglectful is covering music that I have been to this year. Fact is I have not gone to any festivals or big name concerts this year, but I have caught a bunch of groups and individuals in the local scene, both in Lexington and even more so in Danville. There are only a handful of places to catch music in Danville and of those most of them have pretty bad acoustics. That being what it is, my favorite place is at Joe’s Fourth Street Deli and Tap Room. Given that, what I really wanted to mention was local groups… and at the top of that list is no surprise, Frankly Scarlet! Check them out by the way at Joe’s on this Saturday eve, January 2nd, 2010!

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Top Ten…2009

Top TenAs mentioned before, I am doing a top ten best moments and/or experiences of 2009. Clearly these are things for which I am thankful for having had the opportunity. I am still debating regarding if I should do the same for the decade. It gets a little bit more involved to find the ten items that fit the list without skipping something else. And for those wondering, yeah, but decades end in the digit 9, but I started counting in a year that ended in 0, so I am all good. So the list is in order for a change, counting down to the number one experience – but for some reason WordPress seems to not agree with a <ol reversed> tag set.
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Miniatures & Nostalgia

Toy SoldiersI am not sure when this will actually get published, as I am just burning up the blogging today apparently. Long story short, but I have been going through some of my last boxes of stuff that I was thinking needed to be sold on eBay or otherwise donated. If you are interested most of it has been old electronics, a few things purchased for others that for whatever reason stayed with me, the occasional model train item that has managed to slip the through cracks, some collectible cards, and a few miniatures – you can can click here. It is that last group though, miniatures, that just stopped me in my tracks with a flood of memories…

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Smart Phone

androidI guess it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am thinking again about a smart phone. I know, I know… I looked so hard right around Christmas and on up through spring at getting an I-Phone that you guys are sick of hearing about it. Especially when considering that I ended up not purchasing one at all and instead with a last years generation or slightly older web enabled (barely), qwerty keyboard style of phone instead. Do recall though that things with my plan to take over the world… er forget that part. Plans changed due to things beyond my control.

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Cincy Art Museum

Tiger with Cubs A few weeks ago I drove up to the Northern Kentucky area and met a friend. From there we headed a bit further north into the big metropolitan area of Cincinnati with the intent of spending the afternoon viewing the various galleries at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It is an afternoon well spent if you have any inclination or appreciation of art and the collection has just a little bit of everything so regardless of your personal taste you are sure to find something that you appreciate.

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