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Good Things

Library Scrooge & Free Speech

Came across an article about a not very nice lawyer up and over in Illinois. Seems there is a dispute about library funding and a number of library jobs along with it. This particular lawyer however seems to have forgotten his own admitted origins as well any lessons in tact or even being a decent human being.

My Sunday

What a crazy day of ups and downs… I am sharing with you, probably because the net is more up then down… enjoy.

Forty… Thirty… Twenty…

So many big things that almost line up on decades and all in November, I thought it worthy to make a post. Included are Sesame Street, Ronald Reagan, the wall came down, and a few more. It is kind of interesting to think about the major things that have happened in my life on occasion.

National Parks

Over the last couple of weeks I had the enjoyment of catching Ken Burn’s latest production on the local PBS affiliate of National Parks. I should have posted before now, because it was available online as well up until last Friday, though there are a few supplemental videos still available.

Firefox Add-Ons

A couple of new (to me) plugins for Firefox and a couple that I personally do not think were worth the time it took to write the code.

New Truck

I did get the new truck and I think it is pretty awesome. A few notes about it and what I am thinking about going forward.

Pennsic Prep & Packing

Not for everyone, but for those that have a clue, a random rush to get ready for Pennsic trip on the morrow.

Blahs & the Zone

Sometimes when least expected everything just lines up for the perfect moment. Call it what you will, but sometimes I just hit that zone where computationally the thing that was being missed all the sudden makes perfect sense.

Summer Bird

Yeah, I got this one right, just like I scored on the Preakness. Summer Bird wins the Belmont and I had been saying he was the horse to watch out for. Also hit the trifecta which is awesome.

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