Library Scrooge & Free Speech

Democracy  Is Better Without Free SpeechRead an article that showed up on a list I am today about a Mr. Xinos, an attorney in a town in Illinois. Apparently the town has just recently cut some funding to the library resulting in a some jobs being cut at the library. According to the article, after a couple of speakers, one of which was a child, Mr. Xinos had some really less than things to say and further suggested that the entire library be closed.

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My Sunday

One Way Into a Locked Truck!Today has been about as filled with ups and downs as I have had in a long time. It technically started at what most of you would call late last night, but I will officially go with it being today. I have near disasters followed by some very uplifting experiences. Given that I thought I would share some highlights of my Sunday with you all. I may use some of these to expand into a more full blog later this week, but not sure at this point if I will or not.

Forty… Thirty… Twenty…

Sesame StreetThere are a lot big anniversary dates for some pleasant memories that I have here in November. Some are just a wow, that is so much a part of my generation and identity of who I am (and collectively who we are ). A couple of the others are just a wow, I can’t believe that is actually happening and thinking I will have to remember where I am when that happened and how it all came about it. The kind of things that as we move through history will likely be major points of reference. Being nostalgic makes a lot of sense, as they are playing mid 80’s music in here in the coffee shop anyway.

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National Parks

Scenic ShotOver the last couple of weeks I had the enjoyment of catching Ken Burns’ latest production on the local PBS affiliate of National Parks. I should have posted before now, because it was available online as well up until last Friday, though there are a few supplemental videos still available at and the entire series can be purchased from I-Tunes. Regardless, I am sure it will be aired again on several PBS stations here shortly and when it does in your area it is amazing and well worth the effort to watch it.

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Firefox Add-Ons

FirefoxA bit ago I was giving the Firefox browser down the road and even as I did so I was lamenting the lack of some of those cool extension in the other browser platforms, especially Google’s Chrome. There seems to have come some stability and not a new update every week for the last little bit. With that I have stopped having the hangs and crashes I was having for a while there with Firefox. During my multiple fights with Firefox there was more than one complete uninstall, download, and reinstall completely new. As I started putting my plugins back in place, I have pleasantly found a couple that I am not sure how I lived without.

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New Truck

Newish TruckAs more than a few people know at this point, I made the plunge last week and got a new, new to me at least, truck. I was planning on looking at particular one that a used dealership had on the lot a few days before. I had dealt with the dealership before with good success so was happy about that. When I stopped it, the one I was particularly interested in was sold. They did have one that I liked even a bit more for about the same price. Decided to mention it in a blog as I do not think there is even a picture of the Oldsmobile Alero, much less a mention in the two years I had it in a blog.

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Pennsic Prep & Packing

Heading to BattleTonight I did the last of my preparation and packing for Pennsic. Pennsic is annual medieval ware between friends. After all where else do you get to beat on your enemies all day with a various weapon forms and then have a drink with them in the evening? As for me, this is the first Pennsic I have ever attended, but several other things, especially with horses are on my check list. This one is the big one with over 10,000 people in attendance. My plan is blog about the experience, either while there or when I get back. Anyway, this evening this is what I have done in the final stages of getting ready, in almost as hectic as this list seems to be:

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Blahs & the Zone

zoneI admit that once again I was hitting a roll and got stuck with too much to do. Maybe the first day or two it was because I was being a little lazy, but then I had a crazy schedule both at work, after hours, and especially over the weekend. I realize that some of that schedule is my own fault – as I know I have hard time keeping a narrow focus. After all variety is the spice of life or something like that. Crazy last weekend is past though. I am feeling like a pin cushion that is being used for an assault rifle target practice – for an entire regiment no less – at the office. Next thing I know a full ten days have passed since my last post.

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Summer Bird

Summer Bird Wins BelmontI hope that someone listened to me over the last week. I watched with anticipation to see if Rachel Alexander was going to be entered into the Belmont and was a little surprised when over the weekend before Jackson said NO to her running, without even waiting to Monday as had been indicated. That was a bit of a bummer, but even before that I had started telling folks that the fresh legs of a breed for distance horse in the Belmont might be the one to watch for versus either Rachel or Mine that Bird. When I looked over the early possible field I really liked Summer Bird, a half-brother to Mine that Bird and had put $5.00 wager on him to win in a bet pool that was before the field was even set and locked the odds on that win at 25:1.

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