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linksIn an effort to give back a little bit and possibly pay it forward a little at the same time, I thought I would share the two or three linkups that I have been using on a semi regular basis of late.   While not all of them call themselves a link up, that is what they all are in essence.  If you decided to use them, be sure and read the guidelines – some require little other than you link, while others want comments, link backs, and/or click through.

First up isDaily Diaries with The Lotus Creative which is pretty simple in its approach and starts a new link list (by image) very early every Saturday morning.  It is required that you put a link on your site (hence why I am putting this post up for one) and that you visit the link above yours, right after you ad you link.


Next is pin-it-party-Buttons, which does not require a link back, but does encourage that and checking out other blogs.  I personally, find that checking out other blogs, and when it works, commenting, tends to drive traffic back to my own site for at least some amount of time  – the more when there is a common interest of course between our blogs or at least some common ground.




The grand daddy of them all is of course, the ultimate blog challenge – the link up found on Facebook at the url  There requirements depending on what you do, they vary.  The results here speak volumes for the effectiveness as a general rule though.


Write TribeThis next one, I have only used for a short time and I am debating about the common interest that this has with my on blog and potential readership, but I am going to give it a bit longer and see how it works out.




** – Image from Wikimedia Commons by Nicholas P Rougier.

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