White on white

whiteI have seen this problem a lot of late and I am not sure how come it is so recurring of an issue given the simple ability to fix it.  The problem is using the same foreground colors as the background color, or at least colors that are close on the color palette.  And while I would like to say it is a problem that I have only seen on the web, it is sadly, something I have seen a lot of television as well, both live broadcasts and yes, even staged shows that were filmed sometime ago…
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Link Ups

linksIn an effort to give back a little bit and possibly pay it forward a little at the same time, I thought I would share the two or three linkups that I have been using on a semi regular basis of late.   While not all of them call themselves a link up, that is what they all are in essence.  If you decided to use them, be sure and read the guidelines – some require little other than you link, while others want comments, link backs, and/or click through.

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Amazon & Hatchette

AmazonAmazon is a book seller and a good one, selling a lot of books – both physical and e-books of a lot of books as well.  Hatchette is a publisher of books, that in turn sells books to Amazon, who in turn sells them to us, the end consumer.  Somewhere way on the other end is the authors of the books.  Each entity in this chain gets a small part and there are, to be sure some other pieces like distributors and such.  Recently Amazon and Hatchette have not been able to agree on e-edition pricing… Continue reading


CosmosA little late on the mentioning, but it is was still running on at least two cable networks as of a week or so ago, “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” is some of the better television I have seen in years.  What exactly is it?  That is a big question that requires a bit of an in depth answer – probably best of left to someone like Neil deGrasse Tyson… but I will make my humble attempt.

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Breath of New Life

Morning MistI have a plan in mind… A plan to revise this blog from the ashes that it has slipped into.  A plan that involves getting back to blogging consistently.  A plan involves some motivation and direction.  A plan to split off a couple of categories into different, narrowly focused weekly blogs.  What follows is the plan in words – next time the plan in action… Continue reading


TwiggenburysLast Thursday, my wife suggested that we might like the group playing at Thursday Night Live and that she, Bitzer and I should go.  I used to go rather often, but had not been more than a couple of times in the same number of years.  The band was the Twiggenburys, a band that exclusively does British based covers and they do a great job of that.  It was a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Continue reading