TwiggenburysLast Thursday, my wife suggested that we might like the group playing at Thursday Night Live and that she, Bitzer and I should go.  I used to go rather often, but had not been more than a couple of times in the same number of years.  The band was the Twiggenburys, a band that exclusively does British based covers and they do a great job of that.  It was a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Continue reading “Twiggenburys”

Blogging Challenges

Ultimate Blog ChallengeI am sure a lot of you are like me and tend toward more regular posting when you are participating in a blogging challenge. I am sure several of you have heard of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that does just that kind of thing on a seemingly monthly basis. For those of you who have not heard about the challenge, what is the big deal? For those that have, what other challenges are available out there?

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New Year Revolutions, er, Resolutions

Vive La RevolutionAs it is that time of year once again I am pondering about my resolutions for the year coming up as I say good-bye to the year that has been. I realize that for the past year, I have not done so great on previous resolutions. So, I say revolutions above kind of tongue in cheek and playing off the recent AT&T commercial, but I also fully realize that most of my current resolutions are really going to be revolutionary in nature. So, without more chatter, I will get going with the New Year and the promise going forward of accomplishing things this year on a grander scale.

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Just Do It!

Nike SwooshJust Do It! The once famous Nike slogan is still so applicable. There once was a time when I posted here on my blog on a somewhat regular basis. However, that has not been the case in a long time. Sure, over the last year and a half (or is two now?) I have had some busy times, but more to the point I have been busy trying to get the blog all reset at sporadic times. And by the time I get back around to working on it again, the flavor of the week (or so it seems) for what blogs should look like or do to optimize has moved on to something else. So… while I plan to keep working things, I have got to in the meantime get back to what I liked about the blogging world to begin with and that was blogging my thoughts, opinions, what is going on, technology, etc. The biggest part of that though, is blogging!

Just Do It!

** – Swoosh image is Nike’s logo, and I am sure is a registered trademark.


** – Image is logo for Shotwell software.

Some may recall that sometime ago I had jumped into the Picasa as a photo organizer with both feet.  Of course, that was when Picasa, a Google product, had support for not only Windows and Macs, but Linux as well.  Granted, the support was  kludgy Wine based conversion that was pretty slow, but it worked and allowed it to be used on Linux with out the overhead of Windows.  Most anyone who is interested also probably knows that about a month (or maybe it has been two) Google announced that they would no longer be supporting Picasa on Linux going forward.  Much to my dismay, I had to search for something else as I rarely boot my desktop machine in Windows and even less does my laptop go there, but those are for other discussions. Continue reading “Shotwell”

Writing Plans


A bit of a new plan is in order, especially since of late I have had a little bit of lack of motivation in regards to blogging. To be fair though, work has had some killer days on a few occasions and there have been some horse and family times/issues as well. And of course there is the simple fact that I have twice composed a blog and had it in the final editing stages when, for whatever unknown reasons, I have lost all or most of the entry. That of course makes for a flat line on the creativity and especially motivation graph. Continue reading “Writing Plans”

Torn: E-books vs. Paper Books

LOTRI know, I have had this debate before, but I am still being torn between the idea of which is better – the traditional book, made of paper that is printed on, especially a hard back volume and the e-book reader version that I can get so handily on my Kindle device (or for that matter my iPad, laptop, or even desktop computer). I keep thinking back on all those wonderful years I have had with books, but similarly keep thinking about the pluses of the electronic edition and some of the greener ideas behind it as well. I was especially thinking of this today while watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies this afternoon, based upon probably my favorite books ever, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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NaBloPoMo Suckage

I SuckA quick, and belated note that I suck this year in regards to NaBloPoMo. At least, on the one hand, I can say I did not fail with NaNoWriMo this year, having decided at the very last minute that I was just going to be too busy to pursue it effectively and not starting the pursuit 50,000 words despite having some preparations to contrary. On the other hand, by starting the one and getting off track after 1/2 of the thirty day challenge for blog posting daily, can I say I am any worse off? Not really, and compare that to the Congressional Super Committee’s performance the seemingly dire consequences that are likely to come from that seemingly epic failure.

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NaBloPoMo & NaNoWriMo

NaBloPoMoIt is getting close to November once again and once again I will be participating in NaBloPoMo. I am still debating about NaNoWriMo though, especially given something like four years of attempts without much to show for initial effort. For those not so familiar with the terms, NaBloPoMo is National Blog Post Month, where the idea is to post to your blog daily for entire month and is usually held in November. NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month and again, held in November, the goal is to finish with a rough draft of a novel.

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