MHF’s vs. ABC’s

Thought I would post a few memories from childhood that with hindsight just seem so funny. Hopefully I can remember the ones that I am thinking of when I started this though between now and when I get to the end.

First one is related to first grade – yes, where I attended school they did not have kindergarten as a regular part of the school system until at least three or four years after I started (which brings up that whole thing about the book – Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and why I feel challenged I suppose). So, anyway, prior to starting first grade I knew my ABC’s and was well into learning to read thinks to Mom and wonderful activities. Amway, I recall we learned the letters from these green and black covered books that had characticures of the letters, maybe Alpha something? Anyway, since then I have learned that the letters were arranged in order based on what was supposed to be the easiest letters to recognize along with the sound they made. So we started with M, Munchie Mouth M to sure. Then the next letter I am pretty sure was Horrible Hair H and on from there to Funny Feet F. Along about this time, I complained to my Mom about how she had screwed me up by teaching me the ABC’s went A-B-C-D-E-F… instead of M-H-F… the way we were being taught they go.

Time Passes

That was written a few weeks, maybe even months ago. At the time, I had a couple of other places I was going to go with that in regards to things I found odd or thought one way and turned out it was another when I was much younger. In the meantime due to old age and forgetfulness I have lost the rest of the train that was on that thought.

Some of them were just simple things, like words and their meanings. Now that I think of it, ornery is one of those words. I think that misunderstanding of that word is perhaps a local thing though, as a lot of folks I know locally use it slightly incorrect. If not wide-spread locally, it certainly is true within my family and some of the folks I knew growing up. So, the exact usage growing up was more of a lazy good for nothing kind of meaning instead of the properly defined meaning of being mean and no good for no reason other than being that way. For instance, usage might have been applied when instead of cleaning out a stall, I instead sat under a shade tree and sipped a cold beverage. Someone would have asked my why I was being ornery?

Anyway – as I am on a mission to have a bunch of new posts this week and this one needs to go ahead and get out there – I am publishing. If I think of additional MHF’s vs ABC’s kind of moments, I can always make an additional posting later.