Miniatures & Nostalgia

Toy SoldiersI am not sure when this will actually get published, as I am just burning up the blogging today apparently. Long story short, but I have been going through some of my last boxes of stuff that I was thinking needed to be sold on eBay or otherwise donated. If you are interested most of it has been old electronics, a few things purchased for others that for whatever reason stayed with me, the occasional model train item that has managed to slip the through cracks, some collectible cards, and a few miniatures – you can can click here. It is that last group though, miniatures, that just stopped me in my tracks with a flood of memories…

A bit of background is needed I am sure. First, a good deal of this stuff is from a business more than a few years ago that I ran along with an ex-girlfriend, where we sold collectibles on eBay and such back in the early days. We adopted the Ledbetter’s tactics of buy low (and local) and sell high (in a then what was rapidly becoming a global market). Some of it was engaged in as a common interest of something one or the other of us had anyway, hence especially the collectible cards and model trains.

Further background though, while there was the occasional miniature involved in that, for the most part that was just a hobby of mine in and of itself that sometimes was afforded the opportunity to expand or what have you back in the day of the business. It actually goes back much further than that, to even an interest in high school. But an interest that really took off during my days at Transy. Yeah, back then, when everyone was a poor college student, I was working in my field part-time at IBM and made more money then I did in my first real job after college. Every week me and my sometimes girlfriend and eventually wife and even later ex-wife would head over to the book store and then the hobby store and often we would pick up a miniature or two, sometimes I would even get a set for some army that was being built-in my head at least.

By miniatures by the way I am referring to lead and sometimes these days lead free (pewter) figures, usually for my tastes more of a historical military bent but occasionally and especially back in the day of a fantasy background. I have typically stayed in the 25mm or 15mm scale, which depending on the maker, typically means 15mm is 5-6 feet in scale. Many was the Saturday or Sunday, over coffee, a game on or if not some kind of music, and at a green table the minis and paints came out. And while conversation was had painting would commence of various figures. There was a time when getting those little guys looking great on a field of green sawdust marching to engage turned into the heroes of the books I ran through constantly. Somewhere I started to do it myself instead of using the minis, but darn my geeky side still likes that part of things and misses it more than just the rare occasion.

I had to open the one pack of miniatures I was thinking of listing, as the plastic was just gray enough to not really be able to make them out. This particular pack was bought only a few years ago, but the little Norman command troops with horses and flags from circa 1066 was just the glimpse I needed to put me in doubt of listing anymore of the miniatures the rest of the evening. As I looked through the various bags and such, I got down one more level and there were some of the figures that were painted, some from way back when, some from in between now and then. Nostalgia hit full force. Had to stop and write this immediately.

Of course I also recall the last time it occurred and I thought it would be nice to let someone know I had run into that little baby girl who had grown up to be such a fine young woman and that was clearly a bad idea. So, I will just post this here and let it be at that, maybe listen to another song or two, and head on off to bed.

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  1. I guess going through old stuff always makes the memories awake. You remember things that you would not have otherwise.

    Have a nice day! đŸ™‚

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