More To Do

To Do ListI posted a list of things not to long ago of things that I needed to get done over a weekend. While I did not knock out absolutely everything that was on the list, it served the purpose well. The purpose of course was to both motivate me toward great accomplishment and to help hold me accountable to all that I needed to get done. So please bear with me as I run a list of things that I need to get done this weekend, where for the first time in a month or more I will actually be home all weekend. The sense of urgency is even greater on this list though, as I will be out-of-town most of all of next week and the following weekend.

  • Unload and clean out truck – a big job considering there have been two weekends doing medieval horse stuff on the road and the one in between was an overnight fishing trip that got jammed in at the last-minute.
  • Put the stuff being unloaded back where it should go in the basement
  • Organize a bit more down in the basement – granted, this is still an ongoing process since having moved in, but it seems like a step forward and three back at this point in the process.
  • I need to get some blogging done in there – have about thirty of them in me that are just begging to get out and be ready to run while I am away, especially since this trip is one that will not offer much opportunity for such while gone.
  • Definitely need to get the upstairs office room a bit more organized. Current status is something like a category three hurricane and I would like to get it down to a mild tornado before departing.
  • Finish the paper shredding I need to do and return the paper shredder to the proper owner – which is all currently located in this room.
  • Finish with some disassembly of drives, to ‘harvest’ aluminum for casting projects in the future – which also gets tidy and out-of-the-way.
  • If we manage to avoid getting much more rain, a bit of time catching some fish is in order for this weekend too. I am curious about how the new levels in the pond/lake behind the house will affect things in that regard.
  • Laundry needs to be completely caught up before departed and this includes actually getting it put away mind you, as I have gotten a bad habit of almost getting it upstairs in the basket before wearing most of it again.
  • In conjunction with the laundry, I need to get all the horse clothing (barding) that has been soiled of late washed as well.
  • And in that same thought process and some point I need to do a little bit of packing for the trip. As we head on Tuesday and I am working on Monday – it would be nice to get that accomplished over the weekend as well.
  • A few chores – which include getting a load of wood from my Mom’s house to take over to my Mother-in-Law’s house, mowing a yard in return for a dinner, and it seems like something else belongs here.
  • While out at the farm, give the horses a good fly treatment before departing.
  • Announcements made about the October equestrian event in Kentucky.

A few optional items that would be nice if the time allows at this point, but are clearly not as required as the ones above include the following:

  • Unlikely, but would also like to get started on making desk work for upstairs. It needs feet replaced on it and some contact paper applied to make it look a LOT better and match the upstairs room.
  • Starting the process of cleaning and bluing some armor. This is something that will be a bit of a pain, as I am going to have to remove rivets first, that polish, and lastly heat blue. Actually, lastly will be re-assembly. I need to do this with all of it, but I will start with a piece or two. Eventually this will also be the helms, but I need to finish the liners for them before doing those and I also need to knock out the side/back plates for the breast-plate too… those are definitely beyond the scope of this weekend.
  • Cleaning a couple of the reels I have and getting the to function fully and nicely. I went through one the other day and I am much pleased with the results at this point. About five more to go.
  • Some work on a Oakeshott type rattan sword…

** Image from Thomson Family blog site – and what an interesting idea consider the few notes I usually make are on my extended RAM – which some would call the original Palm Pad!