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World Trade CenterI am personally appalled at the spin job being done in regards to the mosque under consideration in New York City that is near to the area of Ground Zero. I am even more appalled at the lack of tolerance in other cities, where similar disdain to the rights of people to practice the religion of their choice here in these United States is clearly being ignored by citizens. The very same citizens that would be the first and loudest to protest if their own rights to worship as, how, and where they choose were suddenly limited in some way. I realize that my timing on this is a little late (I had planned to get this posted prior to or on 9/11), but unbelievably this is still playing out in the media, so I thought I would add my two cents into the fray on this issue. A list is forthcoming…

  • Do these people who object realize that the mosque in question in New York City is NOT part of Ground Zero? I do not think, even then, if they had the land it is something to be objected to. But the hallowed ground and sensitivity claims go out the window when you considering the location of the proposed mosque is somewhere between a block and two blocks away from the actual Ground Zero site.
  • Anyone ever actually considered that there was a mosque located in the World Trade Center Complex on the seventh floor? A mosque that was destroyed by the same fanatical zealots that destroyed the WTC and all other occupants. On the one hand it could be argued that a memorial mosque at Ground Zero is a fitting tribute. On the other, clearly, the radical Muslim sects that supported the action that brought down the WTC do not represent all Muslims.
  • Does the extremely conservative religious right that is so anti-mosque, both in New York City and elsewhere remind you of anyone else? The strong religious intolerance and all other religions should be limited, curtailed, or even destroyed sounds a lot like Osama and others in that circle to me. How about you?
  • Are these kind of actions, both those against building a house of worship and in some places actively sabotaging construction on an otherwise peaceful expansion of a mosque that has been existence for years really sound like the America that we all have come to love? How many soldiers through out the United States’ history have fought either here or abroad to help bring about freedom, whether that freedom is of religion or through democracy itself and the right to have a choice in the matter?
  • Would a better plan, if suspicious of such things as the true purpose of a mosque and cultural center, be to instead of object outright to instead reach out as a brother and offer the olive branch? To instead of hate, seek understanding and in so doing perhaps realize that most Muslims believe and practice a peaceful religious experience, much as Christianity or Judaism do? Come to think of it, is that not one of the fundamental tenants of the Christian faith? To forgive, just as the heavenly Father will do of you and to do it not once, but over and over again?

Do not get me wrong. I feel that the actions of a few radical Muslims, especially those that pursue Jihad, through terrorist style actions are despicable and certainly deserve to be condemned. That does not, however, make the entire body of those that practice the faith culpable anymore then say the entire Christian faith should be held responsible for what occurred in Germany and beyond prior to World War II in regard to the Jews.

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