Music Interrupted

A personal aggravation that is only getting worse is the use of music and video on websites that auto-plays. If you are one of the folks that does this, please stop. I am not sure about the rest of the world but when I am working or playing on the internet I almost always have my own themed music playing for the mood that I am in or desire to be in.

There is hardly nothing I can think of in regards to the internet that is more annoying then clicking on a link and having my idyllic Celtic based music super imposed with some idiotic pop drivel. Same thing applies equally if I am listening to Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Willie or one of the boys and I get some advertisement playing over words of advise to Momma regarding cowboys.

Historically I found pop up advertising annoying as heck. Heck, I still find that annoying, but that has subsided somewhat and at least it was silent. And yes, it did use a little bit of my computer resources, but nothing like a full three or four-minute song automatically being downloaded and played. And most advertising still considering the use of such now as a general rule have the courtesy to pop up behind. On top of that, we have pop up blockers built into browsers and a dozen other tools available to use now.

Short of using a browser that does not support flash, mpg, avi, or mp3 I am not sure how to keep the sounds from playing and still get to the page with the information one is actually there trying to find (or least look and see if it is). The multi-media experience of the web is a rich one and enjoyable, but give us the browser of your website the option to decide how rich we want the experience to be.

Worse offenders are the folks on MySpace by the way. I appreciate that you like that particular song or group or that list of a 100 songs that you have. However, most definitely when I am on MySpace browsing around I am playing my own sound track from my life. And you can just imagine the garbled mess you get if you open up three or four pages in tabs to browse or catch up with someone and they all have auto music with in their pages. This one is bad, even if I were not playing my own music before hand. Don’t think I am not brave enough to click and play what you listen to when I am in the mood to do so to check it out.

This problem is getting worse. Yesterday when searching for something I had three different sites that were playing video on their page automatically. This was video with sound enabled. Worse yet, think about the number of wasted bytes that were being pulled across the internet that I did NOT want.

Moving forward from today, I am “blacklisting” any sites that have embedded music or videos that automatically play and will not visit those sites in the future. Further, I think I am going to send the webmaster an email of complaint for imposing on my own guilty musical pleasures.