New Year Revolutions, er, Resolutions

Vive La RevolutionAs it is that time of year once again I am pondering about my resolutions for the year coming up as I say good-bye to the year that has been. I realize that for the past year, I have not done so great on previous resolutions. So, I say revolutions above kind of tongue in cheek and playing off the recent AT&T commercial, but I also fully realize that most of my current resolutions are really going to be revolutionary in nature. So, without more chatter, I will get going with the New Year and the promise going forward of accomplishing things this year on a grander scale.

  •  Lose Weight – This one is kind of a pain, as this past year at one time I was down a bunch of weight, but I have gained all that back.  I got to get serious and focused on this one, as at this point it is a Doctor’s orders, not just a suggestion.  Though it is also suggested that this will help some with the MS issues – or least maybe.  That is some additional incentive in my case in a big time way.
  • Get Fit – I was not getting this one last year despite various efforts.  The MS slows this one down.  When you are off balance all the time when you are active being more active is the last thing I want to do.  But see the suggestion regard this from the Doctor in the above resolution.
  • Blog More and More Regularly – I want to get the blog posting back to level it was in 2009-2010, maybe even 2011.  This past year was absolutely dismal as for any consistency.  There are some adjustments I need to make though.  This past year, I really tried to keep the blog focused on a couple of topics to make things more profitable.  Look, I do this blogging thing as much to have an outlet and when it starting feeling to much like another task I slowed down and could not force myself to keep up the effort that was required.  So the blog is going back to more of the “I will talk about what I want” and that will occasionally, probably often, be technology – but not exclusively.  It is called Mephistos for a reason.
  • FishNStory Blog – I kind of started this blog last year, but really never got it going very well.  Here is to seeing it get off the ground this year a little bit more.  Look for weekly posts coming about fishing, boat care, and related kind subjects.  I have not settled on a day as of yet, but I am thinking either Sunday or Monday.  That way I can get a timely post about things that happened over the weekend, but still have things hitting when folks are apt to be reading such things as well.
  • Extra Income – Given that I have at best only gotten close to breaking even with the blogging and armour making is way to much effort for the small return on each set, I need to figure out something that can make a little bit of money on the side from time to time.  It is something I like to do and I like having the extra money to spend on the hobbies, especially of late fishing.  I still need to give this one some thought and get the exact plan figured out, but it is a revolutionary goal for this year.
  • Fish More – I include this one, tough when I consider the number days I fished this past year, to fish more is going to be a tough one to beat.  This particular resolution is not so revolutionary by the way.
  • Fish Logbook – I said it that way, as I am not sure how to say it better.  Not something intended for public consumption, but I have been fishing since before I can remember and have most all of my life, short a few years that I was away from it (why?).  Anyway, I think it would be nice going forward to have at least a listing of days and locations that were good – what worked and what did not.

Check back tomorrow, when I hope to touch base on how this past years resolutions failed for the most part.  Should be a good-bye party that you will not want to miss.

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  1. Ray, your goals almost mirror mine, with the exception of fishing. I really need to learn how to fish first. I need to get over the fact that I think fish are gross and stink. I will conquer this…

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