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WindstreamI really wanted to call the title Windstream still sucks, but thought maybe I would be a slightly kinder and gentler me. Here is the situation in short. I had Windstream service for only higher speed internet access through their DSL product. I had constant issues with it for three or four months and finally got it all worked out correctly only to move the next month. Current location options for internet are pretty much either Windstream or the latest version of the cable company that used to be Adelphia. Having had problems with both from a customer service stand point in the past, I let the fact that DSL is a non-shared bandwidth and already have Dish Network for television make the decision. After waiting for the install day, the guy finally showed up – without any sort of heads up call mind you and you still have to provide a four-hour window. He left, telling my wife all was fine and it was ready to go. Wrong! The following are my emails (and reference to calls with messages left) to customer support that have yet to be answered by Windstream.


I called and had the installation changed to today – 10/01/10. I am so pissed off at Windstream right now that I am a hair away from taking the modem and throwing it out the second story window. Let me explain my frustration and express strongly that I would like to see some remedy to this situation.

1) There was never any call from the service tech regarding him showing up. I understand that they can not schedule precise times and the reasoning behind the four-hour window. However, as a courtesy from a phone company for an install I do not think it is too much to ask for the simple heads up call – I am on my way.
2) The guy was here, of course during the one hour my wife was here instead of me. He did the install and said to my wife everything was good to go. I saw him pulling out as I was pulling into the drive and was excited.
3) I immediately tried to the service only to find to my extreme dismay that the service goes to some default page with the DSL Modem that indicated that I do NOT have DSL service currently on my line. A quick check through the connections and such found this error to still be case. I really do NOT think it is very good customer service for the installer to indicate that everything is okay and then leave when clearly things are not working.
4) I immediately called the number that was listed in the email concerning my order, as my opinion at this point is it the order is incomplete. However, after the second try (during the first I was dropped) I was tr?ansferred to customer service. Whereupon I had to put my new number (a number I am not using mind) into the auto attending system three times and still later had to give it via voice when finally speaking with a CSR. Putting in those numbers and navigating on a cell phone is a pain in the behind to say the least and I will refrain from saying more – as that would be obscene.
5) After finally speaking to a person (at least 20 minutes since my initial call) who could address the problem I was simply told you have until 7:00pm to complete the circuit updates on your equipment. I noted then the installer should not have said everything was good if that was the case and it was still be installed and politely went on to my dinner.
6) Upon my return at around 8:30pm, I was excited to finally have service and felt sure there would be no trouble at this point based on my previous conversations. I boot up things and what do I find? Of course the same default error screen with the less the helpful trouble shooting tips (at the very least in the future put in the number to contact someone at the end of the steps!)
7) Dreading it already, I again went through the order center first – quickly getting a voice mail box. It was long shot at best to expect anyone in that department and the fact that there was a voice box was actually the one positive on my experience with Windstream today.
8) I also tried the tech support line and after navigating through the horrid auto attendant to “I am trying to get my service for the first time” I got one ring, a click, and dead air. I felt sure I would have received “an office hours are” if the center were closed, so I tried again. The horrid menu again, and the same dead air one ring results.

Please contact me at the number I have on my order information to speak with me about what Windstream can do to make me a somewhat happy customer again. Please also, if you personally can not remedy the situation, feel free to pass it up the chain – even to the CEO if that is what it takes.

Amazingly enough, I sent this to Windstream after making the calls and such. It went out at about 10:10 pm on the date that service was insured to be up and running at no later the 7:00pm as noted above. After sending this, using my cellular wi-fi connection, I went downstairs and checked on something. Interesting, at 10:20 pm I was back up stairs and noticed that I full set of green lights on the DSL Modem unit. A quick configuration had everything working, but as of October 7 nearly a week after sending emails and making calls – I have heard not one single peep from Windstream.  I would really like to pursue IPV6 sometime in the near future, but can you imagine what kind of cluster that would end up being?

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    1. Given that it is working at this point, what resolution are you offering aside from improved customer service? And I have question why I get such swift response (in under an hour) from a random tweet about my experience compared to going on upwards of seven days after sending direct emails and leaving messages at two different numbers with Windstream? I will will follow up with an email with the email and number shortly though it seems like this is a little to late in my opinion.

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