Now’s the Time….

GatewoodI find myself at one of my local favorite places this eve enjoying a beer awaiting the ‘Last Free Man in America’ to address the group that is slowly assembling here as he is getting a start on his campaign for governor of this fine commonwealth of Kentucky in 2011. If are from around the state you would have to probably be living under a rock to not know that I am speaking about Gatewood Galbraith.

I liked Gatewood when he ran before – especially appealing to the libertarian part of me at the time. I admit I am not sure that I agree 100% of some of his platform and some of them I really think should be up to individual people to decide for them self. Which is exactly why I think it has such an appeal to my libertarian part. Now to be fair, he only identifies with being an independent of political parties. Bu that is true of a lot of folks who like myself consider themselves libertarian.

I am sure that a lot of folks think that is a bit early to be kicking off a campaign for governor a bit over a full two years from the time of the election. However, the grassroots effort of the campaign that he is planning on running really requires to get the momentum up and going. Additionally, at this point, while there is a lot of met and greet and fundamentals being discussed, there is a lot of organization going on as well. In addition, a lot of these preliminary organizational meetings are including a life music event as part of the “Back Roads” initiative that is being pursued.

Quickly, I will also point out, that while I at current time, know very little of her politics, I can not imagine that she falls far from Gatewood’s on points of view. And Dea Riley, his running mate, is certainly very easy on the eye. I will look into that more in the future.

Lastly, before I give a few of Gatewood’s own thoughts, at least at this meeting he was handing out free autographed copies of his book. If you are of independent thought it is an excellent book to read and truly an insight into a brilliant mind. And at least for myself, it is a bit scary how much in common I share in my own way of thinking.

In closing, a few answers to some questions from Gatewood himself, as found on his website:

When people ask me….

Why do you continue to runI continue to run not just to express my own convictions but to answer the call of the people who continue to ask me to run in the hope that my election will ensure that our government will again begin to work the way our founding fathers intended; to serve as a representative of the people and those laws so brilliantly laid out in order to form the most admired government in the World
What are your chances at a winI am in a better position now than ever before. After having run so many times, I recognize that Kentuckians are beginning to realize our Commonwealth’s continued economic, social and statistical decline is directly related to the victories of my previous opponents and the continuing dysfunctional government plaguing Kentucky election after election.
What party are youI inform them that I have stepped outside traditional political lines
to run as an Independent. An Independent who will serve the agenda of the people and not get caught up in partisanship, bickering and cronyism. I will freely give credit and blame to those who deserve it most.

When I experience skepticism
I remain convinced that together we can in fact effect

Check back tomorrow, as I am going to make some notes of what he has to say and have a follow-up post covering that.