NYC, Shoes, & Wal-Mart

ShoesAs has been noted elsewhere I went to NYC several weeks ago with my in-laws for a vacation. While there several small lessons were learned or reinforced for me. This particular one had to do with my general dislike for Wal-Mart and especially the low-end products that seem to dominate the shelves through out so much of the store. I am not completely sure why this lesson seems to slip away from me so often, but here it is re-inforced.

Prior to heading out for the trip, anticipating a pretty good amount of walking I was determined to go with a decent pair of shoes. The athletic styled shoes I had were pretty much done. I had them for a while and they had been retired to yard mowing shoes with a previous purchase. However, that pair had failed before and so the green monsters had been back in play for a month or two despite starting to be completely worn out on the inside.

I had picked up a pair a week or two before heading out, but the shoes I had gotten ran a little smaller than anticipated (yeah, I should have tried them on before the purchase). I will point out that I run at really a size twelve and half – but they typically do not make that, so I often find a thirteen just tad big and twelve especially in a tennis shoe works out just snug but they break in to be fine. However, the first day of the trip had convinced me that while they were rugged and apt to hold up I was not going to be able to comfortably wear them for the duration of the time in the city.

It worked out that we stopped at in at Wal-Mart to get some poster board and makers for making a Today Show sign as we headed out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I decided to check and see what they had in foot wear really quickly. As luck would have it, they did indeed have a good-looking pair of tennis shoes in the SA brand on sale for cheap. They also had them in a thirteen and a quick fitting found me in business.

That was Wednesday morning. By Saturday morning, with a little bit of extra daily walking the soles on both shoes were coming loose and even completely detaching around the one heel. As I said, I wonder if that is why they do not have Wal-Mart in the big apple? To say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement. Lesson learned the hard way. But it has been learned well this time and I will avoid purchasing such cheaply made imported things such as tennis shoes from the likes of Wal-Mart.