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Lists of Small Observations

Snowmageddon II

Been a couple of weeks now, but we were hit with a second major snow. This second major snow amounted to about 13 inches in our front yard. It did impact travel and as usual the grocery store shelves. Thankfully, the impact was a short-lived rough 24 hour time frame (unlike the previous one that was over a week). Anyway, very pretty snow fall pictures once again…

Daylight Saving Time?

We are a week and a half into the change over to Day Light Savings time for the year, so I am little on the late side with this, but I have been thinking it all along. Do we really need to have Day Light Savings time any more?


Snow! It is what we have had nearly too much of the last week and apparently going to get even more depending on whose forecast you want to pay attention too this weekend. And it has been associated with plenty of cold. Anyway, a few pictures from around the homestead…

Latin Motto

The story goes something like this. A high school student in Vermont, who is studying the great Latin language (a personal lament of mine that we did not have such available at my high school). Anyway, she felt like Vermont, who has an English language state motto, needed to, like most other state and indeed the great United States itself, needed a Latin motto as well…


We have all had a few days to think about the big game and absorb the commercials that were present fully as well. Anyone have any thoughts about things? Well of course I do…

White on white

I have seen this problem a lot of late and I am not sure how come it is so recurring of an issue given the simple ability to fix it. The problem is using the same foreground colors as the background color, or at least colors that are close on the color palette. And while I would like to say it is a problem that I have only seen on the web, it is sadly, something I have seen a lot of television as well, both live broadcasts and yes, even staged shows that were filmed sometime ago…

Everyone’s a Winner

I am sure this is going to make me sound like a major ass, but I am really tired of the everyone has to be a winner mentality. I strive to be winner in most things that I do, or why bother doing them? But, despite that striving, there are plenty of occasions when I am not the winner. I live with it and move on to the next thing that life has to offer.

Bridge Collapse Cincinnati – NOT!

The news that my wife shared with me from the bathroom was that the bridge collapsed on I-75 near Cincinnati overnight. This was of a both interest and concern, as we frequently head up that way and were just there Saturday afternoon. Sure enough, when I did a web search that is exactly what the headlines came up saying – “Bridge Collapse on I-75″.

Basic Rights

Raif Badawi was supposed to get a second part of getting a 1000 lashes (50 a week for 20 weeks) last Friday, but it was delayed for medical reasons. In addition to his 1000 public lashes, of which he has already received the first 50, he is to serve 10 years for basically expressing his opinions and wanting a little more of what most of us consider basic human rights.

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