Observing more Issues

Video Camera = TroubleContinuing with my observation of some issues of late, here are a few more that I am feeling the need to bring up. A little bit of a political bend again, but not all of them and even the ones that are can also go into other categories. Speaking of observing, I know some folks gave some really good feedback way back when I first started the idea. How is it being viewed now? I know the biggest request I have had is more consistency with when it happens, which is something I am working on. Right now I am leaning toward Monday and keeping Friday as the big happenings in technology. Anyway, on to my observations…

  • Police and Cameras – Anyone else seen all these incidents of police being filmed and going crazy about it? Okay, I think one state, maybe two, have done the stupid thing and made it illegal to film such workers during the execution of their job functions. Reality is though, the police and other law enforcement personnel should be up to the scrutiny of being filmed in all aspects of their job performance. Clearly their job functions are usually performed in the public, so there is not a privacy issue, and if that is what the problem is they are in the wrong sector of work. But come on, some of the cases are just crazy. The number times someone who is filming has cameras/phones confiscated or worse broke is unbelievable and the number of times someone has been arrested for filming police in action is… well, words just fail me. Think about the first amendment rights that are being trampled and take it a step further, if the police are so uptight about it – what are they hiding? Again I say, these folks should be, if anyone is, above reproach about having their daily job actions filmed.
  • Censorship of Texting – A similar kind of incident to both that listed above and the kind of thing I expect from some dictator in a third world country during an uprising, like say maybe Egypt? For those not in the know, a recent rumor said that a certain group of hackers may have had some plan to cause disruptions with mass transient system at a given set of time. Rather then take the chance that politically motivated disruptions could occur, the transient system that was the target turned off cell and consequently SMS text messaging capabilities in and around several stations where the rumors indicated such would take place. Does this not beg of freedom of speech issues? Is this not the kind of thing that was attempted in Egypt and other places that lead our President and Congress to call for an immediate restoration of such services?
  • Machiavelli is Oversimplified – It pretty much goes without saying this, but clearly it needs to be said. Most people, when they hear the word Machiavelli, generally thing cutthroat politician and the ends are justification for any and all possible evil practices to make it so. Reality is, the man himself was much more complicated than all that would leave one to believe. Having a read a few things about him in the past, I am looking forward to the new biography by the name Machiavelli: a Biography that seeks to uncover some of other, more noteworthy attributes of the man.
  • Social Security a Ponzi scheme? – Read an article that was asking that question the other day. I can not believe that someone would have to ask that question. It is one of the biggest, if not absolute biggest Ponzi schemes there is. Think about it, you and I pay in today and get money back, in theory at a cost of living adjustment, in the future. The people who payed in yesteryear are getting money back today. The money they get back is largely what we are paying in today. It can work as long as the number of folks pulling out is always less than those paying into it, but guess what is happening now. Oh, and there is that little problem where the federal government has kept on borrowing from the fund as well.
  • Laptops may cause Sterilization – This is the one that I am going to hold my breath about, after all been trying (somewhat) for a child for a bit now. Without getting into a TMI situation, a big push for a bit needs to be made and if that does not work I guess some checking into things. If it turns out that it can not happen I am going gang busters in court with Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, and maybe another one or two. After all they are marketing as laptops, which the very name suggest you hold it in your lap during usage. Certainly in the thousands that I have opened there has never been any sort of warning literature that said, “Warning, usage of this equipment in the manner as suggested by the name, may cause sterility in males over prolonged usage periods.” I have been using them since they came out and other clunkier things that kind could sit in a lap even before that. I think I have a case if it turns out
** – Image from Samsung promotional materials.