Penn Diet Success Inspiration

Penn & TellerPenn (yes of Penn and Teller, the magicians fame) has recent dropped over 100 pounds on a diet of eating healthy.  The whole story was he was feeling terrible and on five medications for high blood pressure.  Doctor made some small remark about loosing 30 pounds would make it much easier to manage and a 100 (or whatever it was) maybe no medications at all.  That inspired him.He in turn has inspired me.  I have toyed around with a lot of different things over the past few years and especially this year.  And while I have dropped a few pounds this year, it has not been enough.  And as I was reading his plan that lead to a drop of just over a pound a day I recalled that my best success several years ago was similar.

His rapid loss plan was mostly with salad green and having vinegar (there are a LOT of different flavors) for lunch and similar with any vegetables for dinner – both raw and cooked in a stew.  What I did a few years back was the salad greens and vinegar for lunch and mostly just a portion control for dinner (of course that was also when I had a lot of beers with dinner on occasion and was still loosing weight).

My plan going forward for the next little bit is the salad greens for lunch and occasionally for dinner but also with some other things for dinner in controlled portions.  And unlike Penn, I will keep with having my 1/4 cup of oatmeal for breakfast most of the time – the benefits of oatmeal and that starting off full is too important to miss.

Do I plan on a pound a day – no – but getting things starting the right direction with this.  Loosing a couple of pounds a week would be grand.