Phoenix from the Ashes

phoenixLike a Phoenix rising to a rebirth from the Ashes so to is Mephistos…  With the rebirth, the site is still going to be very open to what I want to write about at any given time, but it is going to focus a little bit more on travel and exploration along with a good dose of the political and economical, and of course my weird views on the world in general.  I think that eclectic mix is still enough to qualify for the ‘Mephistos’ moniker. 

Some work to be done to be sure… will do that as we move forward with the revival of posts.  The primary work is to finish up a couple of things that need to be done with the theme or consider a different them all together as part of the rebirth (the later of which will be a bit further down the road if that is the what is settled upon).  Additionally, a plan as been a foot for sometime to get a better handle on the tags and categories.  Namely, there categories are overly and yet scattered all over.  I am no sure of the exact makeup as of yet, but expect change.  Tags, well, I am thinking of ditching them completely.

Additionally, all previous content will continue to be available, but I am hoping to have it not show up in the current rebirth of normal categories, but rather only via searches and archive look ups.  Of course I have to figure out exactly how to do that with in the confines of WordPress (that seems wrong, as WP is anything but confining in reality).

Of the Primary Topics:

  • Politics – It is near and dear to me and I have missed out on so much of my views being given expression in the last views months with this debacle of a primary process that is ongoing.  Much catching up to be done to be sure.
  • Economics – Often related to the former topic, but not always. It also falls often in my observations of the world category, simply because I am usually observing the absurd – which is oft the case when I comment on economics.
  • Travel & Exploration – It doesn’t really fit, but I enjoy it and often want to share.  Some of it be regional but some of it will be a bit more wide-ranging.  I have a few instances that need to be blogged about from the past, just because I want to.  Many, but not all, of these will include a lot of photos.
  • Observations – Usually of the odd kind, sometimes bordering on comical with my weird sense of humor.  At other times just a basic observation about society, or even the world as a whole.  And yet other times, maybe an observation that perhaps really drives home a point.  Really though, the catch-all of whatever I want to address at the time.

** – Image is from licensed under Creative Commons