Presidential Abortion

Yesterday there was a bit on the radio about what has typically been a hot button, voting block issue – abortion. It is unfortunate that on this one issue, it seems like I will never be correctly aligned. The more liberal the politician the more apt they are to fully support this women right’s issue. The more conservative, the more apt they are to want to take this one by the horns and outlaw it with a Roe v. Wade overturn. Of course, this should come as no surprise to me. Conservatives are so about wanting to legislate morality these days, that, as I have point out before, they have fundamentally gotten away from the idea that conservative should be wanting little government – hence the very reason that I find myself leaning more toward the party of liberty all the time.

So, a quick review of the presidential candidates and their positions. Obama pretty much supports an open right to a woman’s right to choose, tough he noted the choice should be made in conjunction with husbands, family, preacher, minister, doctor, or whoever else. And he also made a point noting that a state should have the right to limit certain kinds of late-term abortions. McCain on the other hand, has firmly stated, despite his sometime renegade voting record (where I have usually agreed with him over just a straight republican block vote), he will, if elected make an effort to balance the Supreme Court with new appointees that will likely overturn Roe v. Wade.

Obviously one of these views is much more in tune with the government being hands off and not meddling in things that really are not any of their business. I don’t think I have to point out which one is which, and I do have to point that out your probably are not likely to be reading this blog anyway. Point is though, I am not a one issue voter. But when I see things like this, and start to look at a few other things I really am not liking either candidate that is running for president very much. I really think our two-party system as become too rigidly defined and unable to break out of any mold into new territory if you wish to be successful in the bigger game of national politics.

And for the record, while I am on this rant about abortion and such – one thing I have mentioned to more than a few people in my past and never really been able to explain very well is this. A woman can’t have a child by herself, it takes a man and woman to start that seed. I completely realize that woman’s body is hers and she needs to be able to make choices about what happens with it. But how is that a man signs over all his rights in the decision-making process when the deed is done. Take for instance, a woman has an abortion without telling the father – given my current desire to have children, if that happened with out it being discussed I would be devastated, crushed. Hopefully, before I got in that situation I would feel like I knew the woman well enough to ensure that would never happen. Turn it around though, and accident happens – woman, without consulting the father, can have the child – possibly without him even really knowing. But then he could and would be responsible to his paternal duties of support if nothing else as soon as she pursued the issue. No one seems to see my point that I think the man is getting a raw deal in this decision-making process.

Of course, maybe the larger problem with my hang up is I have no real solution to offer – eventually I mostly come back to living with the fact that the man assumes the responsibility at the point engaging in the act of creation – the woman does have that extra window, largely due to it being her body and the right to do with her body as she will to do what she needs to do. Of course,there are some that would argue it is all moot, that true liberty should be granted to the unborn child, whose rights would be infringed on if it is aborted and I can almost see that too – especially if it were mine.