Quick To Do Plan

Christmas Wish ListYeah, I hate to do it, but I gotta. I got so much going on right now and so much coming up, if I do not make some additional notes I am sure I am going to forget something. Besides, you guys are supposed to be holding me to these lists and that is not really happening. Anyway, I am sure I am feeling either an all-nighter or at least most of one in the cards this evening. Before I get into that though, let me first express my apologies for slacking on the blogging sometime during the holiday week. Okay, I missed my goal of completing the NaBloPoMo last month, but I did get a good deal o posting in. I have a lot of blogs started and going so I should pick up in December right where I left off whenever it was back before Thanksgiving. On to my things that I need to get done…

  • While I have made much progress on the garage and getting it organized enough to be able to do some work on armor and other things (basically a shop), I still have plenty to do down there. I have gotten a huge amount of the medieval where it is now hanging up on the walls. I do have somewhere in the neighborhood of about seven tubs of stuff to finish sorting through and put away.
  • In addition to that, I still have not gotten the work bench that I need down there, but that is definitely in the cards before the end of the month. I had planned to originally build it, then questioned the cost versus just purchasing one. Then, after some looking around I have realized that building it is still more economical despite the increased cost in the lumber I will need to do so. I will be using some lumber I have from recycled pallets, so that should bring the cost down fairly significantly and maybe get it back down the cost I was originally expecting.
  • I need to take the water troughs and water tank out the farm and store them in the horse trailer for the time being, just to get them out of the garage. I had a plan when I brought them here, but the truck (another story) being a pain in the behind altered that plan dramatically.
  • Lastly, once the bench is in place, right now I have tools kind of scattered around the general area. Once it is there, I can get a the tools organized and some of them can actually end up back in the roll-around. The rest, maybe a peg board back to the bench and of course the power tools will go under the bench and swap to the top as needed.
  • Once all that is done (by the first of the year remember) I will get started on all those projects of armor, swords, a&s, and so forth that will be required for my trek to Gulf Wars down in Mississippi next March. Be looking for list sometime soon over on Eligius.
  • I have about a dozen things to do with the SCA equestrian stuff, including the year-end reporting, sending off some information to get on the website, and trying once again to get our new handbook (rules) passed through. Oh, and I forgot about the emails and phone calls that need to be followed through. A couple of those things need to be done between now and the morning before heading to the office.
  • I have gotten a lot of things in the office and with my computers the way I want them. I still have some organizing to do up there, but it is a coming along.
  • Speaking of the computers, I need to get a VPN setup here at the house, followed by a VNC client. Once that is done, the plan is drop the ‘Dropbox’ account and instead route those backup files to my own ‘personal cloud’ here at home.
  • Oh yeah, a bunch of blogging needs to be done.  I think that kind of goes without saying, but thought I should put it in the list just to be sure.  I know I took the weekend off on the other blogs and a full week here, but I got more then plenty to talk about.  Look for them coming on soon enough.
  • Somewhere in between now and Christmas I still have a good deal of Christmas shopping and such I need to get finished.
  • I really need to get in a trip out at the water for some fishing here soon.  I got trout stocked in the pond behind me and plenty of options if I can get a buddy to head down to the river.

** – Image from WikiMedia (Creative Commons Licensing)