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Solar MirrorsI have so many things that I am wanting to write about her in the blog right now that I am almost shutting myself down with the thoughts running around here and there in my head. I thought this evening I would just run with some short little notes about things. Which is a good lead into the first thing I wish to bring to your attention, and of course, I have to do this as my favorite, a list.

  • Welcome to the newest and great thing, miniblogging. I am not sure who coined the term and even what the thought process is behind it. Fundamentally, if I am following the process correctly it is like your tag line on the social networks like Facebook and MySpace. It is the kind of thing that twitter and many other things are doing as an aggregator. However, one line does not a blog make, at least not in my opinion. I understand brevity, though I personally think if it is worthy of writing I am going to put a little time into the process and generally find that the tag lines are even limiting for a thought or quote that is describing what I am doing or my mood at the moment. And as I think hard on this newer idea, maybe the bullets in my list are each a mini blog.
  • Speaking of Facebook, they have recently gotten a new application called blog networks. The application is aimed mostly at those that, like myself are blog junkies. You can put your blog there and may attract a few more readers (though I think if you are pushing your blog out to your friends the initial gain is going to be slight, but we will see how results work soon enough). It does however allow for easily finding other blogs that have similar content available on them very easily for those that are blog reading junkies. Ironically, when you sign up and post your own blog you have to claim it. If you don’t want to mess with the HTML editing, you have to get ten friends confirm you are the owner of said blog – interesting.
  • Last night, while chatting and halfway listening to the show two and half men, I had a revelation. It is not something I have not had pointed out to me in the past, but it was really the first time I think I admitted the thought to myself. I have this tendency to want to be a rescuer in relationships – I need to have the feeling of being needed. Last night in the show, one brother told the other as much and went a step further to point out that was his secret – for as long as the woman thought she needed him in that rescue role he was good in the relationship. Once the woman was rescued she lost interests. I do not think I do that consciously, but I am starting to realize I probably do kind of tend toward that in the full thought at the subconscious level. Interestingly, I think that the few times I have tried to break out of that, they have tended toward ended quickly or not materializing as a relationship to begin.
  • What a fun evening I had tonight. I had things to do and stayed late at the office in Winchester to do it. Right as everyone was leaving a server that I had accidentally looked at died. It crashed hard and will not come back to life. I think to myself, no big deal. I got another server here, running with extra cycles, I just have turn on the few services that one was running and I will be good. That new server hung up and after waiting several minutes, I gave up, powered it down. It powers back up to a power on password. What a load of crap – who set that – someone is going to get smacked if I ever see them again. So, one service was DNS – meaning I can longer easily find a path to the internet to see how to ‘hack’ the password with a hard reset. By the way in case you are wondering, physical access means security no longer exists. Finally did get that resolved, adding the services, configured them, and think I killed off the other one. Guess we will see with the number of calls I get in the morning at 7:30ish.
  • Observe that the stock market finally leapt to action yesterday (I have not checked to see what it did today) with buyer finally realizing what bargains there were out there. The market ended up having the biggest single day jump since the depression, as a percentage.
  • It is so dry here, even with the pretty good rain we had the last week. Things did green up amazingly last week, but not enough. It does look like we may have some rain in the forecast this week coming around on Thursday. It figures though, that would be my one afternoon that I am for going out, catching music outside. Of course it is needed bad on pastures and just for farms in general, and from my travels this weekend past, it seems it is not as widespread this year as it was last – plenty of rain apparently in the southern parts of Illinois and Indiana, so it would seem.