Storm CloudYesterday we had a severe line of storms blow through the area.  I was on the road between two of my office locations just before it came in with a lot a wind and a huge down burst rain.  I happened to look over just as the wind really started to pick up and saw this evil looking set of clouds.  So I pulled over (what everyone should do) and caught this picture with my cell phone.  I love the way the dark menacing cloud bank has such a sharp contrast to the green grass in the fore ground.

It kind of brings to mind the thought about do we need an individual device for taking pictures.  Now, in actual truth I am big on the idea of a single device being sufficient a lot of times and in this case the image off my phone was great.  But a lot of times the ability to adjust light settings (not that I really know what I am doing) and shutter speeds for situations is handy and not an option that I have on my phone.  Also the lens on the phone only has so much depth and the digital zoom tends to get wonky at times.

Of course this brings to mind the GPS question, for the record I hate GPS devices.  The ones we have had always seem to be a little off or outdated.  I thought okay, I can use my phone when required, but it always shows me somewhere within a mile or so of where I am actually located.  Not very helpful when you are trying to match the map to what is around to figure out for sure which way to go.  I thought it was just rural, but happened the other day right along the river in Cincinnati.  Is that just my phone?

** – Image is by me, just south of Nicholasville, in Jessamine County, Kentucky.


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