Reds Off Season

RedsI thought with the New Year it was a good time to consider where the Reds are and how they are looking for the 2015 season.  I am about ready to be done with this football stuff and the basketball season is already determined for the Kentucky Wildcats, right?  🙂

My first thought about the off-season is that the Reds have several players that are likely exiting after this season, so this year is kind of all in or nothing situation.  Given that, my next thought is the management waiting a little late to get rolling on things with any new faces coming into the organization.  I am guessing that maybe they just don’t see it the same way that I do?

Starting pitching is without Simon and Latos.  We still have Cueto and hopefully is fully healthy now and Homer is hopefully ready to go.  Leake is the question mark he will be – just depends on if shows up with his stuff or not.  DeSclafini in my mind is not as good as Latos or Simon.    In relief we are without Broxton this year as well.  I am thinking there are a lot more games that are going to the opposition scoring more than 1 or 2 runs this year.

Looking at the offense I am just not seeing where we have picked up that much.  I guess the hope is that Bruce will be better and Votto will be a healthy back to his normal self.  Outside of that, we have (of late) picked up Byrd.  I don’t see him really being that much of a difference of Ludwick personally, but I guess that is my opinion and not necessarily shared.

In the end, I am looking at this and thinking if everyone comes out having a banner year and everyone stays healthy all season 2015 could be the year we bring home the Series.   But when I think on it really hard, 1 of 2 of the players will have an off-year or end up hurt during the season for a long stretch.  And in the end we are probably looking at being lucky to take a wildcard spot once again.

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6 Replies to “Reds Off Season”

  1. Good luck! My men are Pirates fans & they SWEAR they’re going all the way this year. We may be visiting Pittsburgh – again (deep sigh!).

    1. Thanks for the wish of good luck. I suspect your men folks would not agree with such, given the nature of it all. Much appreciated!

  2. Great news for your team.
    I am originally from the Northeast and both my children have worked for the Boston Red Sox, so you can imagine where my loyalty is, lol!
    Good Luck with your season!

    1. Yes, I have a notion of where your team based on that. Good news, Reds and Red Sox rarely play. Good luck to them as well, Red on Red sounds like a good World Series to me…

  3. I honestly don’t know anything about baseball, but it sounds like you’re quite the Reds fan. I hope they do well in the coming season!

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