Resolutions Score

New Year's ResolutionsI have said before and will say it again, making any sort of resolutions without following through and a measurement of how you did with your resolutions is kind of pointless.  So, a quick look back and lets see just how we did in 2014.

I had seven resolutions, and I quickly see several that I failed with in a miserable way.  A quick run down and where we stand…

Lose Weight – I started out losing weight, and I got serious again in the late Spring.  But combined the weight loss from those two was offset (pretty much exactly) by the weight put back on, especially the last few months.

Get in Shape – I was heading in the right direction at the first of the year, but I can’t even claim a partial victory on this one.

Blog More and More Regularly – Certainly not for the whole year, but especially the last month or so was fairly consistent.  It is heading in the right direction right now.  Sorry for the lack of post over the last few days, was out-of-town with family and such.

FishNStory – A false start at best, but really not even that good…  Only a handful of post and no consistency at all.

Extra Income – There was a little bit made on the side early in the year, but really not like I was wanting to do.  Toward the end of the year, I have achieved the spending money with a new job that pays more along with getting the truck (and the wife’s credit cards) paid off.  Still, not quite the way I thinking.

Fish More – I nailed this one.  And that was even with having the boat out of service for around two months in the late spring.

Fishing Logbook – I have a decent start on this, but not to the level I want it to be.  I think there are plenty of apps out there that will aid with this, but I need to find the right one and most have a cost on them – don’t want to buy the wrong one.

So, I got basically 1 out of 7 really accomplished and a 2nd one achieved, in a different way.  The others I have 3 that I made progress toward, but really did not achieve them and 2 that I just failed at completely.  Really not that good of score overall.

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