mulberryOver the last few weeks, I have been watching a show called Rivermen on the History Channel network.  Not sure why, but it caught my interest one night and I decided to catch the next few episodes.  Earlier this week, it concluded its run, I believe.  But as I was watching the final episode I am left with having to call bullshit.

The basis of the show followed along a few different guys that made their life, and in some cases their living off the water.  One older guy, in Indiana and Illinois was running the rivers and catching catfish to live off-year around.  Another pair were running the Copper River in Alaska in a wooden boat similar to what early explorers to the area would have had.  And yet another pair picked up sailboats that people boat and sailed/delivered them.

The catfish guy of course caught my interest and rest was on the rivers and such enough that it held it.  But being the History Channel, I should have been wary from the get go.  And aside from the stretch with the one pair, how is this remotely history?

On to my call though…  The catfish guy was on the run before winter through the series and need to the catch the better than 200 pounds of catfish in order to sustain himself through the winter months.  That is plausible to be sure, because the catfish slow down so much during the winter.  But in the last episode, he snacks on some mulberries that are growing near and overhanging the river.  He makes a big deal about how his Granddad was all about setting lines/hoops under the mulberry fruit where they are falling in the river – cats are always there.  I can see that too, as I too love a good Mulberry and have had my share of them.

Something was bugging me about it though, in the back of my mind.But then I thought about it – getting ready for winter?  Mulberries typically start turning to that deep blackish purple color, with all the light flavor and especially sweetness in late May and June.   Reality is between the birds and other critters along the natural falling of the fruit on the ground as they hit that ripe stage and beyond, would be hard pressed to find a Mulberry past the first of July and certainly not any by the end of that time frame.

This of course immediately brings into question the rest of the show.  For instance, throughout the show the danger of the bears with the two guys in Alaska is very suspect now, as we only actually signs of bear and bears on the opposite shoreline.  And they made such a big deal of the guys nearly missing there stopping point because of navigation issues and maybe they would go out to sea.

And the guys with the sail boat – how unprepared and just dumb in choices could they possibly be?  We have a short, let just cut electrical wires and see what happens to things at that point?  And when we figure out it is the navigation lights, let’s make no effort at all to repair those so we can sail at night.  And we have never been in this area, lets run up through the shallow non-channel water to save a little time…

Yes, like I said, beware of the History Channel productions.

** – Image from Wiki (I Think?)