Secret Santa Cops

Secret SantaJust saw a segment and CBS Sunday Morning that was just perfect and very much in line with exactly how I think the system should work. So, recently in Kansas City, a wealthy anonymous business man who has done Secret Santa cash giveaways for several years enlisted the help of law enforcement officers there in Kansas City.

This wealthy anonymous benefactor has for the last several years gave out cash to people he thought would appreciate it.  This year, he enlisted a few deputies to help by recruiting law enforcement to assist him.  The officers targeted (yes, they did) older cars that were beat up with a few dents or even full of obvious unpainted bondo repairs.  And upon a stop, instead of citation they were handing out crisp $100 bills.

It was a good thing all the way around.  The folks receiving the gifts were very appreciative.  I think the positive images and general good will that helped the officers have been a very big plus as well.  Beyond that, I think that kind of impact could go a long way with the problems that have reared their head between police and groups of people – and dare I say especially in Missouri.

Beyond that, it hits close the mark that I have said for some time.  Sure, go ahead and write citations for various traffic offenses.  And sure, I understand there is an administrative overhead cost, which is the bulk of most traffic tickets.  But I think the actual amount for the ticket itself should go into a pool.  And the next week, wither by pulling over and giving it out, or by police noting license plates, randomly drawing and mailing, the people who were driving at the speed limits should get that money back as a reward.  After all, we always suggest that positive reinforcement is a good thing and goes a long way toward getting the behavior we really want.

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