Seven Degrees of Separation

I have mentioned this before, but I am always continually amazed and just what a small world it truly is. I had a plan to write something about this for a few weeks now as I had stumbled on something called the Medieval Campaigner back a bit ago. It was a nice little document laying out some guidelines for striving to be the as authentic as possible, including a total immersion into the 11th or 12th century, having only those things which were available to that time period available and so on (incidentally, I plan a separate blog about that coming up soon – looking for it). The interesting thing about it was that it borrowed heavily from a similar document writing for the American Civil War reenactors by a Nicki Hughes.

Nicki Hughes is a minor acquaintance of mine – someone who I know through having worked as a costumed interpreter at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill over in Mercer county Kentucky. Largely I know of Nicki through his wife, Susan, who was in a way I suppose over all interpreters, excepting those few of us that worked in the historic farm area. Incidentally, Susan apparently modified the same thoughts that Nicki had for the campaigner into a civilian document for the same period. Two things that stand out most about Susan and Nicki in my mind. First, once when Susan was letting the village use one of her tents, an over zealous maintenance supervisor painted the iron tent stakes neon orange for safety reasons. I thought Susan was going to kill him on the spot. The second is that Susan and Nicki both love Mustangs – the car not the horse. Every time I heard mention of or saw Nicki he was a different one. Every time he went out-of-town it seemed like he acquired a new one, well, and old one, from the 60’s that was more authentically restored or whatever.

Anyway, given their involvement in the reenacting hobby it should come to no big shock to me that when I mention them to my reenacting ACW friends back in Virginia they know who I am talking about. I am not sure, but I know the two of them edited one of the journals of information during some point and time so I suppose their names are out there in that circle.

Another example though is due. I am talking to a new friend who does ACW reenacting a little bit in this area, but who resides in one of those states of Northern aggression It was mentioned by myself that I have always had that interest in doing ACW and I really need to start getting a kit together, both war period and perhaps civilian prior to and shortly after the war as well. After getting information, which oddly enough matched some I had from other sources as good sutlers, I mentioned that I really would want to do involve the horses and probably do a mounted impression but where to get a McClellan or Hope saddle and appropriate tack – especially made for my bigger size. This friend suggests that I ask Chad Green or his other half Joni. Now interestingly enough the horse that Chad is using as his cavalry mount on last check leastways, is a horse I sold him. I should have already been in mind to contact Chad (and actually have tried to on an occasion or two).

It gets more weird though and hence the reason of writing this particular post this morning. Last night, after the last blog entry I went to Common Grounds, a coffee shop, where Dave Butler was playing a gig. I have heard him once before and he has a pretty good sound. Thought I would go listen to him again and did so. He was followed up by another fellow by the name of Ben Brown. All the time Ben Brown was playing I kept thinking I know this guy from somewhere, his movements and mannerisms and even his voice are very familiar, I must have seen him play sometime or another. For some reason I kept thinking it was in a medieval setting, which would have meant a faire. However, I ran through the musical folks at the Kentucky based faire we started with so many years ago and I could not place him there.

When his set was over I told him I enjoyed the music and that I knew I had heard him before but could not place it. After a coupe of tries on his part, he noted maybe I had attended school in Woodford where he at one time directed the choir or something of that nature. BINGO! His school choir, in wholesale T-tunics had attended a yearly SCA event in the Lexington area and performed a few medieval songs that were appropriate as well as some modern songs set in the right tone and musical theme.

All during his show he had been promoting his CD’s, which his wife back in the corner had for sale. I kept thinking she looked familiar as well. At this point I am guess she was familiar because of the same reasons he was and she was probably there with him. However, as we talk about that I do SCA, Ben notes I am probably good at the heavy fighting. I tell him, not really, but that I do jousting, both with the SCA and some other groups. He calls his wife over to explain that I do real jousting with horses, explaining to me that she is the editor for a horse health journal/magazine. BINGO again! She is Kim Brown, editor of The Horse magazine, which I have read and even subscribed to for most of the last seven or eight years. Kim shares a lot of the same opinions I do about some things that do not set well with a lot of horse owners sometimes.

So as I am getting ready to write this, my new roommate brings in coffee. We are talking a bit and I start explaining to her what I am about to blog about – getting to the Dave Butler part of the story and she says, “I know Dave Butler, he used to date someone named Victoria in our circle of friends and played in a band locally.”

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  1. My apologies to Ben Brown who I somehow misnamed above as Dave Brown. I may try to correct that later, but for now consider this the apology and correction.

  2. isnt it great how everything just came together like that .I am off to pull weeds in garden –but plan to be back to your blog later this afternoon and read more. VERY interesting. Would you like to write a feature about yourself for my blog ? I think it would be very interesting and i know other people would love to read about you and what all you do. If you have pics it would be great too. My site is graphic heavy but i enjoy them so much .Just let me know if you would like to do it. I think it would be interesting for me to start featuring SCA folk couple times a week on my blog.

  3. Yeah – I would do that. I got some great pictures too. Let me put something together in the not far off future and send it your direction. If you are on myspace or facebook, I have some pics there of me, horses, jousting and such. Guess I should put some up on here too, eh?

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