Seven Year Love

RachelA few mornings back as I made a bleary eyed drive home for a brief stop over I stumbled on a preacher in the early AM hours who was just starting his message about Jacob and his waiting not once, but two times through seven years of service to her father to eventually have Rachel’s hand in marriage. What a love that must have been to have had that kind of patience and determination. Can you imagine anyone doing that today?

For those that do not know the whole story, a quick run down of the story from the bible is that Jacob had been sent to Laban’s house after his mother, Rebecca, through deception had ensured that Jacob got his father’s blessing instead of his older brother Esau. While visiting with his uncle and cousins, Jacob was quiet taken by the beauty of the young daughter, Rachel. After realizing how much he loved her, he has Laban for permission to marry her. Laban agreed to the marriage if and only after completion of the task, Jacob would agree to act as a shepard for him for seven years. For whatever reasons, at the end of the seven years Laban instead substituted his older daughter Leah. Jacob did not realize the deception until after the marriage had been consummated. He then agreed to second term of seven years of working for Laban. Of most interest is the Torah records Jacob as describing the seven years seeming like but a few days because of his love for Rachel.

I have been thinking about that some since then. It was something that I have kind of had in my mind a bit at various times over the last little bit to begin with and it just seems like that once again some thing is trying to get my attention on matters with putting the message that I really needed to hear right there in front of me.

I have been thinking along the lines of the someone who I promised to wait for her to get things straight in her life. Granted, very different circumstances, given very limited communication in my case and that Jacob was there seeing Rachel often. But for me two months was hell, can not imagine what it takes to make it through seven years, much less fourteen. It obviously requires a deep love and a huge amount of patience.

Guess that my thing is just as I find myself sometimes so easily falling into love, I can not keep it sustained if there does not seem to be anything coming back to me. Do not get that wrong, I still love, it is just not the burning passionate love of romance. Guess what I am saying is I can seem to kindle that kind of passionate love easily but similar easily seem to be able to lose it. It is the kind of think I hate to say as it makes me seem not such a good person in some ways, but it is who I am and that is what needs to be noted.

Reminds me of what my friend has a new philosophy that I like but have a hard time doing.

Love More

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  1. I wish I could find someone to love and to do so strongly that I would wait 7 years for them. I also fall in and out of love very easily. My love for my animals; especially my horses has ruined my marriage and is an obstacle in any other relationship I want to have. On top of it I have no housewife skills, which is another turn off for men. I am not someone that goes to the hairstylist or buys expensive jewelery. I would rather learn to weild a sword or joust (a dream of mine). I am just hoping I will find the knight I am searching for one day and he will love me for who I am and all the animals I am attached to so I can return his love ten fold.


  2. The beauty of “Love More” is that it isn’t hard to do. . . .
    If you can figure out the ones you love, you want to do it.

  3. ray, funny, i am in the middle of an awesome book called “the red tent” – it is the entire story (of course brought to life at the liberty of the author) of jacob and leah, rachel, and other 2 wives and all their children …wow, he ended up with 4 wives – probably worth the wait for most guys 🙂 this book is really amazing if you get the chance – a really fast read, but eye-opening to what was probably going on during those times – she does a great job of bringing those people to life.

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