Small Business Saturday – November 26

Small Business SaturdayJust as the promotional materials for the Small Business Saturday event say, first there was Black Friday and then there was Cyber Monday… For those not in the loop this is a promotion to try to push shopping, to some at least some extent, on Saturday after Thanksgiving with small businesses. It is even implied to do so with local small businesses, which is even better. It is a good idea and something I am very much in favor of doing myself.

I have to give a hand to American Express, as they appear to be the main sponsor of the event. It may well even be their idea and if that is the case I am even more impressed. I almost questioned what would be in it for them, but then it is kind of obvious. After all, they get a good bit of promotion out of the deal and they also are to gain from the businesses that use American Express merchant processing for part of their credit processing.

My only big concern, or call it a wish, is that just small businesses are great, but I would like to see even more emphasis on local. Both locally owned small businesses, which I am sure is a good majority of them, and small businesses that are truly local in nature. I mean, I know a lot of locally owned boutiques around central Kentucky that have only one or two items in store thousands that have any connection back to the local economy aside from the store doing the selling.

There are plenty of places where the small business connection with the local economy can be so much more. I can thinking of several diners and delis that get a fair amount of the food they serve locally, one in particular may be almost totally local. Several other specialty types of shops have lots of local and regionally made products.

Aside from that one issue though, I support the idea 100%. I encourage everyone to shop with a small business. Take it one step further though, and shop with a local small business with maximum local impact!

** – Image is from American Express and promotes Small Business Saturday.