Sports Announcers Missing It

Sports CmmentatorCan someone please get the announcers under control?  It is really minor, but they are supposed to be professionals and that is what makes it so annoying.  Anyone listened to a broadcast lately and all the mistakes?

Examples abound, but a list of offenses include using the wrong team in multiple situations.  Who has the ball, who scored, who lost the ball out-of-bounds, etc…  And worse yet, often the team listed is not the opposing team, but some other team not even in that game.

Similar examples abound with wrong players being named – often from the other team and on occasion not even on the field.  And don’t even get me started on the constant bad grammar.  Use of slang and mismatched verbs and nouns make some commentators painful to to my ears.

The worse thing about this is most of the time they apparently don’t realize their mistake.  In most cases they do not ever correct later and in the few that they do they just don’t seem to care all that much.

Maybe I am just being picky, but as professionals I think they should try to hold themselves to a higher standard.  And where are the producers and editors?  Shouldn’t they be keeping these announcers inline?

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