Milky WayI was thinking the other night when driving out late away from town on one of the few clear evenings we have had of late, how many more stars that I could see.  That brought me to the some memories of when I lived in the mountains of Virginia and I could see perhaps around a million of more stars that I was seeing the other night…

The one thing that I remember about being in the mountains on a good clear night, down the valley I lived in for some time, where the mountains blocked what little light bled came from the sporadic mostly small town around the area, the stars were just vast and the milky way looked like a milky way.  And with that look the understanding of just why the astronomers of yesteryear gave it such a fitting name.

That in turn had me pondering deeply about just how much we have lost since our pre-historic relatives were looking upwards to the heavens and just what a view full of twinkling lights they would have had.

Alas, there are few places in central Kentucky that you can get such a view.  Way to many bigger towns with light “pollution” combined with a gently rolling hills or flatness.  Occasionally, when out fishing in a deep river bottom I will get a similar, but smaller similar sense, but the vastness is a big part of it.

** – Image from WikiPedia.

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    1. I have only been out west a few times and never outside of a metro area for the most part, especially during the evening. Something I have to get done one of these days.

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