cloudNot sure if anyone else saw the segment yesterday morning on CBS’s Sunday Morning show about subscriptions, but it was so spot on with my feelings toward subscriptions.  I can remember back in the day when, as was referenced, you purchased a TV, brought it home and you had TV for life for free.  Albeit that was in the day of being lucky if you had 3, maybe 4 channels with PBS.  And then came this thing called cable and you had to pay a monthly fee to get a few more channels and the Jeanie was out of the bottle at that point.

I guess it really goes back to newspapers, journals, and magazines when you think about it, but we have been with that model there for a long time.  At some point some folks saw that repeat business as the way to go and since it worked there, it has been pushed just about everywhere.   From my post before, you know that I am not a big fan of subscribing to the cable companies, but these days if I want to watch sports, what am to do otherwise?

But that is not big gripe today.  My big issue with the cloud and subscriptions that we have there.  Most of the apps will let me have them for free, but if I really want to utilize them I need to pay someone for my extras and especially for storage in the cloud.  And what happens when everything is in the cloud, the current modest prices will rise if they follow anything like the cable television market.

Everything wants me to pay a little bit to get my stuff in the cloud.  Google, Amazon, Microsoft all have options for pictures, music, videos, etc.  As do several hundred others to name but a few like Dropbox.   And then there all the niche ones like that associated with Evernote and even my daily task list tool Todoist.  If I did even half of them that I like and use I could easily be over a $100 monthly with nothing to show for it the day I stopped paying (caveat, most services do keep your stuff you had paid for previously in the cloud… but…)  And I want even go into trying to purchase software outright as opposed to the subscription based models like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suites are using now.

I would much rather have the control of my information that I am storing personally.  And I know that a big part of the reason is to have the backups, but I take care of that personally. Another part of the reason is to have the data available on my other devices – but similarly, I can manage that myself – and without the cloud of the devices support such.

No, I much of the mind of the guy on the rant yesterday.  I have already moved my pictures and music to local storage sometime back and it is in process, but soon a media server of some sort will be in place for movies and such to be stored locally and I will continue to purchase them out right when I find one worthy of owning.  Now to figure out or find a local based Evernote function…

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