Super BowlWe have all had a few days to think about the big game and absorb the commercials that were present fully as well. Anyone have any thoughts about things? Well of course I do…

First, let me state, that I am happy about the outcome.  As most folks know, I lean toward being a New England and Tom/Bill fan.  I did not think they were going to the win after the big pass play with Lynch put the ball into a scoring position.

A play or two later and they have the ball on the one yard line and plenty of time for a couple of tries.  And what the heck was the Seattle staff thinking when they ran a pass play instead of running Lynch, who had picked at least 2 yards on every play he ran.  There are so many comments and such about this out there that I don’t think I need to go further.

On to the commercials, which since Kansas City and Green Bay were both not in the game, was the only reason my wife watched the big game.  I personally thought the commercials this time were a little down from years past.  And when I say down I am talking about the impact and overall wow factor, though it would be easy to get confused into thinking I was meaning emotionally.

Come on, we don’t need every other spot to be pulling us down like they did this year.  I think a few of those downer commercials even went over the line given the potential youngsters view the game with the family.

A final note about the commercials and the lack of impact.  The couple of commercials that I thought were pretty good and maybe, just maybe, worth the while of seeing…  Well, I had already seen those on the internet in the days leading up to the game.  That was historically part of the draw to the big games commercials, but clearly the marketing departments have lost touch with that.  The having viewed most of them before the big game is probably a major factor in the feeling of lackluster impact.

** – Image from Wiki, but I assume the got it from the NFL?