Tackle Grab

Tackle GrabI finally decided to give this concept of a box of stuff delivered on a monthly basis a try.  And of course I picked a fishing tackle one to begin my experiment.  Actually I picked two, but the first one I received is from Tackle Grab.   So a few details about the deal, the way it works, and most importantly what I got in the box.

So, here is the way it works.  $15.00 a month for a base subscription on a month to month basis.  That gets you a box of fishing tackle sent to your door on a monthly basis.  The box contents are assured to be at least greater than $15.00 each month.  And if you sign up for a longer period, the price goes down.  I am working from memory but a one year package ran about $12.00 a month, all paid up front mind you.

At the time you enroll you get select your fishing profile.  Which at current time, was fairly limited.  There was bass, salt water, and maybe one other choice.  This was my concern, but there were options to indicated what they should spread out to in the future.  My concern, because I will occasionally go for bass, but am much more catfish or crappie (or panfish in general), which was not current choices.  I went with bass for the time being but this will really come into play in a month or two when I decide about keeping it or not.

So, what did I get?  First off, I got by my estimate between $22 and $25 in retail value.  There was a nice looking crankbait, a spitting frog type of top water bait, some soft plastic crawls with a lot of color to them, There were two other items that I don’t recall now, but I will check on it this eve and alter this with an update.

** – Image is from Tackle Grab website.

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