Hero: Ulrich von Liechtenstein

Ulrich von LiechtensteinUlrich von Liechtenstein has been a hero of mine for some time, ever since I first of heard of him and what he had done in his life. I know some of you are thinking of the movie from a few years back by the the name of A Knight’s Tale, which starred the late Heath Ledger and somewhere in the back of your mind you recall that was the assumed name the peasant turned jousting knight used. Someone associated with the movie must have actually had a bit of medieval history in their background, for there was indeed a true knight from the 13th century by the name Ulrich von Liechtenstein.

The real Ulrich had a life that was probably just interesting, perhaps more so, and certainly as ruled by the notions of courtly love and how to win the favor of his this lady that inspired in him all things. Further, the true Ulrich was not only a knight and jouster of some reknown during his lifetime, but he was further was educated and used his talents to write poetry describing his exploits pursuing the love that spurned him. The title of the work the famed poet-jouster, as he is often called, wrote in the original Middle High German was Frauendienst. Translated to modern English, it reads as Continue reading “Hero: Ulrich von Liechtenstein”