Virus Snafu

Flu VirusGoing way back on this one and admitting a mistake but giving some good advice, especially in light of the season, the economy and a lot of things I have seen of late. So this goes back to December of 2008 sometime and it has been sitting here awaiting for my oh so wonderful attention to become a post here in this blog (why is that as I say this, I am flashing imagines of “I am just a Bill” from School House Rock in my head replacing the world bill with post and/or blog?). So the short version, be careful and pay attention to the sources and what you are doing and be asked.

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DVDA few nights ago I was at a club (we will not mention the name or the location to protect both the innocent and the guilty), but anyway on one side of said club they were playing some techno type music, which I probably have not heard but a few dozen times in the last dozen years and probably all of those but one was in some movie. However, there is definitely something to be said for a techno beat really wanting to make you move and get your groove on. Not that I can really dance, but at least I make an effort and with that kind of music I can I am sure work off some calories. Probably what I should have been doing the other night in retrospect. Anyway, the name stuck in my head, but what I really am writing about is some more short notes on technology and technology things that are really getting to me today. Continue reading “Techno”