Raffles, Left-Hand Turns, & Traffic Blockers

RaffleNot sure of the exact nature of it, but I have been extremely irritable the last couple of days. I do not really think it is me so much as it is the environment in which I find myself. I thought it worthy of sharing with you all and seeing if it was just me and some needless irrational aggravation on my part or if there really is some justification for my being so easily angered about these minor situations? So, here we go with raffle & giveaways, left-hand turners at stop signs into major traffic, and the truck and trailer who thinks parking in the street at rush hour is their right.

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Bidvertiser Failure

BidvertiserBidvertiser, as an advertising company is an epic failure in my opinion and if I were paying for advertisement I would be irate with them. A little background is in order, I am sure. A few months ago I got serious about pursuing advertising and sponsorships to help offset the costs associated with hosting and supporting not only Mephistos, but the several other blogs I have as well. Granted, I still have some serious work to do, especially in regards to actually getting some sponsorships, but the advertising as been pursued in-depth. On advertiser solution I decided to pursue was with a company called Bidvertiser.

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Sponsor Ads

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting
During the recent major theme change over that I have done here at Mephistos, I have also re-visited the idea of sponsorship advertising. You have probably seen the two by three row of advertising labeled as sponsors over on the left hand side bar already. At current time, I am just running some advertising over there, but I will be actively pursuing actual sponsors in the form of advertising going forward. There is a bit of discussion to be had about the idea of advertising on a blog, so here we go.
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