Wunderlist Sync Issues

Wunder ListIf you have been reading this blog over the last year or so it will come as no surprise that I like Wunderlist as a to-do list that works. At least it works the way I like to work. I am still a bit disappointed by the lack of a native Linux application, but the web version has been working fairly well for me. In addition, there is the really required version for me over on the iPad, which lets me take it with me to meetings and such or even out to the shop (garage) when I am working on a sequence of steps to accomplish some largely project. And of course the client that does run on Windows or Mac based operating systems seems to be pretty good, though I can only claim either as a casual user.

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Dragon Dictation

Dragon DictationDragon dictation is another iPad application that I’ve come across. I actually install the application quite some time ago but I’ve never gotten around to actually use it. Today while sitting here for a few minutes I had some time to explore and to say I am impressed is an understatement. You can dictate to the app and with very little effort on my part, the app easily understood what I was saying and had no errors in the dictation. The app does not dictate directly to other apps, outside of a fairly short list, but cutting and pasting is allowed as well as saving as notes and such.

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Technology Observations

3-D Chip ImageTrying something that we have done in some ways before but with a little bit of a different aim and twist here at Mephistos going forward. The short little entries in one blog that have often been called observations of some sort or another will continue and be varied as they usually have and hopefully more regular. In addition to that, I am staring a new them of observations called technology observations that will tentatively give my thoughts, opinions, and at least a heads up on some of the newest technological breakthroughs to come along. The focus will typically be those things that have occurred in the last week and the aim is to do this regularly on Fridays. Lets get to it for the week of May 6th and a little more, maybe even a month since this is the first time…

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