Most Influential Person? Steve Jobs?

Steve JobsA friend and I had a conversation about the most influential person over the last two decades not too long ago.  The conversation was lead off with some comment shortly after Steve Jobs passing (guess that dates the conversation a bit more than I care to recall) that he was probably the most influential person in the last twenty years to twenty-five years or so.  I took objection to that, and suggested that maybe it could be argued to be the case for the last decade or so (going back really to the iPod, including both the iPhone and iPad), but that really there are a LOT of other players to be considered for most influence even there, and especially if you look back as far as quarter century from 2012.  What do you all think?

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iPhone 4S & Steve Jobs

iPhone 4SMy plan was to talk about the iPhone 4S, the latest in that famed line of technology changers today, but do so without mentioning Steve Jobs and his loss to cancer this week just would not be right. So I will give a bit of this post to both the phone the revolutionized the way we communicate and view our world in its latest version as well as the wonderful human being who brought us that device and new vision of the world – Steve Jobs.  Now on second thought, I think I am going to have wait on the Steve Jobs post until another day…

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Kindle Fire & Refreshes

Kindle FireFor Tech Friday today I would be remiss if I wrote about anything besides the Amazon’s new Kindle lineup, including three refreshes of the current product in different formats and the much-anticipated Kindle Fire. I do have to admit that, that my interest in the announcement that a neutrino particle was timed moving fast then the speed of light late last week was a close second, especially when considering what that could mean for relativity and all the last hundred years of physics. It will have to wait for yet another week though given next week all the hype will be on the anticipated iPhone 5. Okay, enough of the tease, on the Kindles… Continue reading “Kindle Fire & Refreshes”

Jobs & Apple

Apple LogoAs usual, I am running a few weeks behind the big news. For those that are even more out of the loop, (not saying I did not know until now, just now getting to blogging) Steve Jobs resigned his position at Apple a couple of weeks back. He remains in his position on the board but will not be involved on day-to-day operations of the company as he has so often been in the past. Of course this brings to the front, the big question of how will Apple do as a company going forward in regards to keeping the almost cult like following, continue to come out with major market shaking innovations, and of course continue to be profitable enough to make stock holders happy. And now tech Friday…

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Apple’s Lion

Apple's LionIn the last couple weeks Apple has released the newest version of OS X, this one being called Lion. I suppose, technically counting this is the eighth version under the OS X banner and is numbered 10.7. Seems to me it should have likely occurred back in spring with the Mac computers seeing a refresh, but that is another story all together. Welcome to Tech Friday, as I explore this OS and what it offers.

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Tech Friday (on Monday) – iCloud & Skype

ownCloudUnless you have been living under a technological rock the last couple of weeks you, by no doubt, know that the biggest news in tech the last few weeks is the announcement of the not very well-kept iCloud by Apple. It was rumored to be coming for more than a few weeks and even the week before Jobs came back from his medical leave for apparently one day to make the announcement, semi official announcements were being made straight from Apple and company. As of this past week, the cat is officially out of the bag at this point, but we are still left wondering about as much as we were before the announcement took place to be honest.

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Tax Day Observations

Uncle SamI have not done one of my short lists of observations in a while and I was thinking about it yesterday – what could I do as a theme for something around the middle of April. And then it occurred to me that it is that most dreaded day of tax deadlines. It is also, close to the day when the typical middle class American stops working for the government for the year and instead starts working for themselves, having usually paid the rough percentage due to the IRS by sometime close to mid to late April as well. Since those things are going are both current happenings, I thought it would be appropriate to express a few scattered thoughts about some things I have observed in that direction of late.

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Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud PlayerMid-last week Amazon announced a couple of new services called Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. There was much hub-bub after the announced about how this would put Amazon ahead of Google and Apple in this niche of the field and much grinding of teeth over the seeming very open privacy options that Amazon has stated in the Terms of Service for these particular services. I want to give some thoughts on both aspects, but first I think should define just what each is.

Cloud Drive is just that. A virtual drive up in the cloud. Think of it as a memory stick (thumb drive) that is virtually attached to your system. It is, initially intended for storing your music on it, but it is, even at this stage, more than capable of storing any kind of data you might desire to store, from movie files, data file for your word processor or spread sheet program, to photos, and anything else in between.

Cloud Player is the tool that will play your music files from a browser window. So, anytime you have a connection, you have access to your music basically. They of course have versions that work in almost all computer platforms and already have support for I-Phone/Pad and Android as well.

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Specific Browsers

HTMLSomething that really gets in my crawl in a major way is all the specialized browser tools. It is a big frustration to me and I am sure it is to the world in general as well. The whole point of the original format of the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) was to be universal. It was to be interpreted by the browser of course and displayed on the screen in a free flow format. Of course each browser could interpret each set of commands slightly different and show up on the screen in a different format. That was fine though, so long as the content within the framework was the same all was good. Times have changed however, and with each turn of the crank, where in theory we should be moving closer to not only universal implementation but the same view we instead specialize and go farther away from hardly anything on the web being universal.

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