Cheese Mushroom Sauce, Chicken, & Pasta

Cheesy Mushroom Chicken SauceI did one or two of these postings of recipes I had come up with back during the early part of summer and then for whatever reasons I had gotten sidetracked and never returned to them. It is well past time to remedy that and last night, after looking at what we had in our pantry, knowing what I was craving, I did a little recipe searching and then came up with my own modified version. It worked unusually well in my opinion and that is seconded by both my wife and Bitzer. This recipe was inspired by the fact that I was really craving either Olive Garden or Johnny Carrino’s last night, so the joke around the house was Ray Carrino’s Garden entre of chicken in a cheese mushroom sauce server over pasta with piping hot garlic bread sticks was a huge success.

The recipe and preparations follow. Keep in mind, I rarely truly measure anything, so make adjustments to your taste and the required serving amounts. I also follow it with a few suggestions for the next time I venture into this general type of food dish.

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Back Home

vacationJust in case you missed it, I have been on vacation some over the last little bit. Prior to that and up until today I have been either crazily prepping to go or recovering – not to mention all the extra stuff that I felt had to be resolved at the office. However, I am back in full force now and pleased to be so. There are many posts that will end up in all of my blogs that involve things over the recent vacation, so look for those shortly. In the meantime, a little tease here and there and a little bit of catching up are in order.

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New Residence – Outside

Magnolia BloomThe wife and myself have a new residence as of the last couple of weeks. We are still getting settled into the townhouse, though things are coming together nicely. Still a lot of things to be done to get everything put away, organized, and especially decorated, not to mention the downstairs/garage area where I get to have my shop again. That all being said, one of the biggest reasons that location appealed to me was the park in the backyard and the general outside environment.

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Indigestion, Marriage, & WHAT?

I have a few hundred things I should be doing right now and amongst those was the idea of maybe getting some sleep. Two days in row that around 4:30 or so I have started feeling a bit upset to my stomach and rather wretched. I thought yesterday it was the pizza from the night before – today I suspect poisoning of some nature or another. So, after talking on the phone for a while with Shauna and later filling in a dear friend, followed by some killing time catching up with a PBS show all the while thinking I was near to sleep, I instead find myself rather wide awake and still feeling a bit icky several hours later.

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Top Ten…2009

Top TenAs mentioned before, I am doing a top ten best moments and/or experiences of 2009. Clearly these are things for which I am thankful for having had the opportunity. I am still debating regarding if I should do the same for the decade. It gets a little bit more involved to find the ten items that fit the list without skipping something else. And for those wondering, yeah, but decades end in the digit 9, but I started counting in a year that ended in 0, so I am all good. So the list is in order for a change, counting down to the number one experience – but for some reason WordPress seems to not agree with a <ol reversed> tag set.
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Observing Again

WaylonSo a regular feature going on its third attempt. Lets see how it works this time. First, my sincere apologies for not posting so much this week, especially in comparison to the previous month. Hopefully I will get that going a bit better this week coming up, but I am not making any promises. Pretty much every week between now and the end of the year is going to be kind of crazy with things going on both at work and otherwise. Additionally, I have done something to my back, maybe Friday or Thursday. I can not pinpoint the action or even if there was one, but my mid-back left side especially is a bit painful and slowing me down on all these things too. Well, enough of all that stuff, let’s get to some observations.

My Sunday

One Way Into a Locked Truck!Today has been about as filled with ups and downs as I have had in a long time. It technically started at what most of you would call late last night, but I will officially go with it being today. I have near disasters followed by some very uplifting experiences. Given that I thought I would share some highlights of my Sunday with you all. I may use some of these to expand into a more full blog later this week, but not sure at this point if I will or not.

Don’t Let Me Down

Bitzer in a BoxMy plan today was to take Bitzer to the vet at the first possible appointment, since giving her a couple of days had basically lead the bad leg being worse. Oh, for those coming up to speed, she had a bum back leg she was favoring, but all my feeling, squeezing and so forth was showing no specific area of pain. Anyway, then I had a training session to do with some folks at work, a few loose ends to wrap up, and then a half-a-day of time off. Dinner with a good friend (and for those that assume otherwise all the time, not a date, just a friend) and maybe some live music to top the evening off.

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Puppy Love

Bitzer PuppyI am thinking kind like a top ten reasons for why having dog love is better than that of a woman. I am mostly being a funny parody of course, but in some ways I am also being a little bit of a realist as well. And for those of the fairer sex, I am sure that it holds for most of these same reasons (and perhaps more – feel free to comment) in regards to dog love versus that of a man – though I have no experience by which to compare. Here goes and I guess we will find out if there are ten or not – in no particular order, but numbered because I want to see how many. Oh, and I guess these are all from the perspective of my great dog, Bitzer. Your dog and own mileage may vary.

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