600+ Posts Celebration

fireworksA quick celebration is in order.  Actually I suppose that there are several that are in order when I get down to it.  The first, and perhaps biggest of them being that that sometime in the past week the post counter rolled over the 600 mark.  That is a pretty good milestone.  In addition, another mark of importance is having gotten back into the swing of things with the blog.  It is nice to see somewhat daily posts for the last little bit.  Also of note is that the category re-organization is coming along nicely (though right at this instance, there may be a slight hiccup with the menu on the front pages).  Lastly, while doing some of this organization I also noted that the while the first blog post was in 2007, things really got rolling in January of 2008 meaning this blog has been around for a whopping five and a half years or so. Continue reading “600+ Posts Celebration”

Just Do It!

Nike SwooshJust Do It! The once famous Nike slogan is still so applicable. There once was a time when I posted here on my blog on a somewhat regular basis. However, that has not been the case in a long time. Sure, over the last year and a half (or is two now?) I have had some busy times, but more to the point I have been busy trying to get the blog all reset at sporadic times. And by the time I get back around to working on it again, the flavor of the week (or so it seems) for what blogs should look like or do to optimize has moved on to something else. So… while I plan to keep working things, I have got to in the meantime get back to what I liked about the blogging world to begin with and that was blogging my thoughts, opinions, what is going on, technology, etc. The biggest part of that though, is blogging!

Just Do It!

** – Swoosh image is Nike’s logo, and I am sure is a registered trademark.

Getting There… Blog Perfection?

mephistos A long break once again… I know.  Oh well, all I can do at this point is get back on the horse and get going.  Last few post that I did happen to make I was talking about different themes and working some stuff up.  I have finally settled on the current look for the blog.  It is a responsive theme call Tetris.  I have created a child version of the theme of course to make it my own and so far, after having it up for a month or longer have been pleased with it.  I kept meaning to take down some notes about it and such and of course blog but I never seemed to get around to it all during the month of April.  Part of that has been work and partly the excitement of a new boat and spring fishing season (see more on that over at fishnstory.com), but some of it has been just getting motivated.  Anyway, the theme is the major part of the current updates but there are a few more things to do here on the old blog.

With the current theme, not only is it a responsive design (meaning it will generally look good on any device) but it has a very modern and uncluttered look to it in general.   You will note on the home page itself, if you have been there of course, that aside from the menu along the top, all the other functions and things that are displayed aside from content has been moved to the bottom.  Again, that was a choice and something of the nature of what I was looking for in current version of things.  Once you click on an individual post or page, you do get more of a classic look that includes a sidebar with a few options.  Those of course are pretty slim now and there is a possibility of that sidebar going away completely.  Needless to say there are still some minor things that need to be addressed and choices made in regards to the look of the theme overall.

The theme itself is just one of the changes going on with the blog.  Of the chief concern in the immediate future, aside from getting back to a more regular blogging schedule is the current endless list of both categories and tags.  Truth be told, both have gotten out of control and need to be cleaned up.  I have used categories more like I should have been using tags and tags, well I have just been crazy.  Look for some changes on both of those fronts in the very near future.  Along with that of course, will be an update to the menu that goes along with the categories.

Right now, I am still trying to decide of one menu or two would serve the site best.  I am open for opinions in that regard by the way.  I have not decided completely on how to handle categories – as I am having this constant debate within regarding should this be about 4 different really focused blogs or should I continue in the tradition I have always used here and let it me just where I talk about what I want to talk about regardless of topic?  I do know that some categories will collapse down and at least one new one will appear – DIY (Do It Yourself) – as I have so much to over in such a category and frankly, it is a very popular kind of blog topic to have these days anyway.  The debate of course really comes down to whether it should be one blog controlled by categories or one multi-site blog controlled by different sub-sites.  I have leaning toward the former by the way, but have seen advantages going either way.

The next big consideration is what to do with the posts over at two other blogs, which could fit in here and free up the domain cost and maybe drive a bit more traffic here.  One is my old medieval blog, which never fully developed the way I wanted it too anyway.  I would hate to just nix the posts and let them be forever gone, but the lack of posting on my part and having not developed as I had hoped has lead to a virtual dead space on the internet anyway.  If I went with the 2nd option in the above (concerning multi-site) the option is clear.  The same is somewhat true of the farm blog I have.  Really, most of my posting is about political stupid stuff going on in regards to farming.  Certainly the more direct farming and the political high-horse I get onto occasionally fit in fairly nicely.

Along those same lines, the one category that could be its on blog with ease (assuming I get back to posting regularly) would be the technology posts.  I am involved in that aspect up to my eyeballs and would have no problem posting in such a blog daily if I would only get busy.  It is then a bit easier to optimize specifically and perhaps attract enough funds to support it and my speak my mind blog, eh?  Such are things that I have to consider.

Another consideration is about archiving.  By that, I don’t mean the history of this blog as it is currently presented, though that too is open for consideration.  I mean, with this seemingly big set of changes I am looking toward, is it time to make a static copy of things to keep around for archive purposes and start anew going forward?  When you consider some of the technology that has been used and what is available now I wonder sometimes if that would not be a better option.  For instance, my first post, whether there was not anything else available or I was too hand coding concentric to realized it, have images and such linked by hand to a folder/file that are just coded into the post.  It works both then and now, but there is an extra folder I have to go grab anytime I make a big move in regards to hosting and such.  Similarly, I have used NextGen since shortly after that.  But it is kind of overkill and with the functions now built into the core of WordPress, I am not sure it is really needed.  Should I drop it?  If I want those old post to work, do I convert them to the built in media support?  Or do I just use the new stuff going forward and keep maintaining the NextGen plugins?  Any thoughts on this?

WordPress 3.4

WordPress Logo
Image is 3-D version of WordPress Logo by 3Nhanced

I have been so out of the loop with WordPress of late, that I did not even realize we were about to get a new release of things until it popped up requesting an update on one of my sites this evening.  It hit at a good time as I made new full backups of all my sites last night.  I just had the short about time pulling a quick copy of my databases and then I quickly did that upgrade as well as updates to the themes and plugins that were quickly available.  So far it mostly looks good and shows some good work that has been done on the upgrade, with one minor exception that I have found on one of my sites.  Here are a few details about the release and the one problem I have seen.

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Writing Plans


A bit of a new plan is in order, especially since of late I have had a little bit of lack of motivation in regards to blogging. To be fair though, work has had some killer days on a few occasions and there have been some horse and family times/issues as well. And of course there is the simple fact that I have twice composed a blog and had it in the final editing stages when, for whatever unknown reasons, I have lost all or most of the entry. That of course makes for a flat line on the creativity and especially motivation graph. Continue reading “Writing Plans”

Disqus, Livefyre, & Facebook

LivefyreAnyone who has been around here the last few months may have noticed, as I discussed back sometime last year I may go ahead with an install of Disqus and I did. I have been running that comment system for about the last five months. The biggest reason I wanted to go to it has never been re-implemented so I switched today. The comment system I have switched to is called Livefyre. So far, I am still on the fence about the change and I think I may need to just go back to the regular comment system included with WordPress and pursue my on API interface to incorporate Facebook comments back to the blog.

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New Year & Resolutions

Black-eyed PeasThe New Year and with it the typical planning for a fresher start, or at least the determination to stick with some plans made for the coming year is rapidly approaching. I have, realized over that it has been just over a month since my last post here, so I am first and foremost jumping back into my plan to post on a daily basis. I will say, that for once – aside from the week I took off from the blog after Thanksgiving, I really have been that busy with projects, both work related and personal, over the last thirty or so days. Enough of that though, time to get back to the task at hand, which listing out my ideals that I am determined about for the coming year. So, commence with your pork, corned beef, cabbage, and especially your black-eyed peas, pull up a chair… read my resolutions and comment back with your own.

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NaBloPoMo & NaNoWriMo

NaBloPoMoIt is getting close to November once again and once again I will be participating in NaBloPoMo. I am still debating about NaNoWriMo though, especially given something like four years of attempts without much to show for initial effort. For those not so familiar with the terms, NaBloPoMo is National Blog Post Month, where the idea is to post to your blog daily for entire month and is usually held in November. NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month and again, held in November, the goal is to finish with a rough draft of a novel.

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New Theme

New ThemeI started the process of finally converting over to a less customized theme by first just looking to see what was out there and what features I did want include. In the end I decided on a really simple theme that has very few custom options which needless to say has very little impact on the load time, especially in regards to database connections and calls for data. I did settle on pretty simple them called PressPlay and after my few slight modifications, that is indeed what you currently see running on the site today.

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