Fine Wine, Cheap Vino, & Taste Perception

Wine SplashScience has finally answered a question for me that I have had for years.  As I am sure is know, I occasionally like a decent tasting wine, especially that is not at the extreme in dry, but just the same I am not overly fond of one that is really sweet either.  What I have not been able to figure out though is the seemingly overpriced wines that I often run into.  At one time, I had the mistaken thought the more expense clearly the better the wine, especially as the wine ratings tended to always go with the more expensive varieties.  Today, science confirms, that for most people a cheaper vintage will do just fine.

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Plastic Back to Oil

OilI saw this article back around the first of the year sometime that talked about a machine that could turn plastic bags into back into oil and was pretty excited about it. I meant to write about it at the time, but I heard someone mention the process in passing at a ballgame of all places and thought I would go back to it. After a little bit of searching I was finally able to come up with the original article about plastic bag back to crude oil machine and to save you a bit effort, here is the link –

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