Insight – to McAfee?

Insight LogoThose who know and read know that it is an inside joke with some folks I know from McAfee that you just do not offer poor customer service to someone from the little spot in the road I did most of my growing up called McAfee or they will just take their business elsewhere. I am left in a icky place after my dealings with Insight, over the last week but especially yesterday. But to really get the full picture I have to make up to Friday a week ago, on the 3rd of February…

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No Customer Service – Windstream

WindstreamI really wanted to call the title Windstream still sucks, but thought maybe I would be a slightly kinder and gentler me. Here is the situation in short. I had Windstream service for only higher speed internet access through their DSL product. I had constant issues with it for three or four months and finally got it all worked out correctly only to move the next month. Current location options for internet are pretty much either Windstream or the latest version of the cable company that used to be Adelphia. Having had problems with both from a customer service stand point in the past, I let the fact that DSL is a non-shared bandwidth and already have Dish Network for television make the decision. After waiting for the install day, the guy finally showed up – without any sort of heads up call mind you and you still have to provide a four-hour window. He left, telling my wife all was fine and it was ready to go. Wrong! The following are my emails (and reference to calls with messages left) to customer support that have yet to be answered by Windstream.

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