Insight – to McAfee?

Insight LogoThose who know and read know that it is an inside joke with some folks I know from McAfee that you just do not offer poor customer service to someone from the little spot in the road I did most of my growing up called McAfee or they will just take their business elsewhere. I am left in a icky place after my dealings with Insight, over the last week but especially yesterday. But to really get the full picture I have to make up to Friday a week ago, on the 3rd of February…

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Life with MS and Mcafeed?

SEOI have these two other blogs (well, actually, there are about five blogs in total) that really just do not have enough volume to be a stand-alone-blog. Specifically I am talking about McAfeed, where generally I am calling out businesses with poor customer service or just dumb things that the business has as a policy for whatever reason, and the recent born My Life with MS. The volume is lacking in both what I have to post and the readership/followers available to both of them.

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Lunar Pages

Lunar PagesI hate to say this about Lunar Pages, who are my current hosting provider and have been the last three and half years, but they have really went down hill the last year or so. The bottom line is the support over the last year so has really just went downhill to the point of almost not existing. Example of my most recent grief will follow, but the bottom line is this: As soon the remainder of my two year contract expires I will be switching my provider. Continue reading “Lunar Pages”

Text My Food

Text My Food - Spoken HereDid anyone else hear about this new service that is being offered somewhere in Cambridge I believe? It is called Text My Food and the premise is almost exactly what it sounds like. A little explanation of course is in order. There is a company called Text My Food. The business principle is something like this. Tired of waiting for your server? Can not even find your server after having looked? Shy and bashful about making a scene if you flag the server down? Here, on your table, is the text number you can send too and get almost instant gratification with whatever it is that you need.

Okay, maybe I took that just a little to far. But then again, I am not completely so sure about that based on what I heard about it earlier today. So, for real, it is not a joke. It is a service a new startup is providing to restaurants and even bars and such. As I understand it, there literally will be a number somewhere on or near your table, think the little adverts that are commonly there anyway.

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McAfeed Concept

SlashBy now, you should probably be getting a pretty good idea of what the concept of the McAfeed blog is all about. Occasionally there will the blog post about why good customer service is good for business and similar types of concepts, but for the part it is a place to list out an experience that you have had that was just bad enough for your personal taste to be turned against the establishment. While I know my own tolerance for such instances is pretty darn low (it has to do with being from McAfee – see the about tab), I am sure I am not the only one with such experiences. The blog will still have a few things done to help make it look a little better, but please, if you have similar experience please sign in and post about it – especially if it was over the top and as a consumer you were just at the point of McAfeed. Continue reading “McAfeed Concept”

Bob Evans – Brannon Crossing

Bob EvansA few weeks ago, I had told my wife I would treat for breakfast. I have known for sometime that one of her favorite places to have breakfast is Bob Evans and there was one pretty close two where we needed to head afterwards. So that was the plan. Breakfast itself was pretty good, but I got a bit of indigestion when the check came. It was a mild case initially, but when I pointed things out to the staff and received not one bit of sympathy or even concern, it became worse I am in doubt of my return to that particular Bob Evans anytime soon, if ever again.

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No Customer Service – Windstream

WindstreamI really wanted to call the title Windstream still sucks, but thought maybe I would be a slightly kinder and gentler me. Here is the situation in short. I had Windstream service for only higher speed internet access through their DSL product. I had constant issues with it for three or four months and finally got it all worked out correctly only to move the next month. Current location options for internet are pretty much either Windstream or the latest version of the cable company that used to be Adelphia. Having had problems with both from a customer service stand point in the past, I let the fact that DSL is a non-shared bandwidth and already have Dish Network for television make the decision. After waiting for the install day, the guy finally showed up – without any sort of heads up call mind you and you still have to provide a four-hour window. He left, telling my wife all was fine and it was ready to go. Wrong! The following are my emails (and reference to calls with messages left) to customer support that have yet to be answered by Windstream.

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Customer Service?

Thumbs DownThis is a total rant – so be warned – sometimes I just got to rant about something that is bugging me. What the heck has happened to customer service of late? Take that thought a step further, when was the last time the customer actually was right according to the establishment. So I am going to share a couple of experiences of late and see if what you all think.

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JP Morgan – Thumbs Down

A quick short post of frustration for anyone that may care to read. JP Morgan Retirement Planning Services just plan do NOT get the idea of customer service. This all started about six weeks back when I noticed that several of my accounts had dated information regarding address information and decided to get that updated. All of them for the most part went without any major problem, most even allowing a quick change to be done (and then followed up with validation) on the internet, given that I had previously enrolled and went through the process to validate the internet access.

Not so with JP Morgan though. I could not change the address on the phone, via the internet, or even via mail with the proper form. However, after several calls through to the customer service, they eventually (after over two weeks of figuring out and going through process) finally got this special magical form which could not even be downloaded sent to my, you guessed it, NEW address that was given to the customer support person on the phone.

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