NFL Lockout

NFLThe ongoing saga of the NFL lockout is turning this mostly former fan of the NFL off even more. You may recall that I was more put out with the off field actions of some players last season and even more so with the media hype that was given to those alleged events that occurred off the field. At this point, the NFL is loosing those of us like me but if they keep it up, they are going to start to lose more hard-core fans to other options in the very near future. Here a few thoughts of mine on the matter for anyone that may care.

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Horse = Horsepower

Draft Team PlowingI have had this little note burning in the back of my mind for sometime now. Driving around Circle 4 in Lexington, I caught site of a billboard for the Speed School at the University of Louisville. I think, if I recall correctly that is in particular the engineering school. The billboard said something to the effect of without engineers horsepower would still be horses. That has kind of stuck in my crawl if you will and every time I think on it, it chaps by proverbial behind end.

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Going Green

Recently saw an article in a competitors paper (recall or note that I work for a group of newspapers) about a farm somewhere in Kentucky, I want to say to the eastern side of it. Anyway, the nature of the of the farm, with the little bit I read out of the article in passing, sounded a lot like a place for me. The owners/operators are running the farm using draft horse power, growing some produce, all intermixed with solar arrays along the drive to power the parts of the operation that draft power lacks suitability. The article made a point of referring to the 19th and 21st century mix that was involved with the seeming opposites of the operation.

I could so see myself doing just that kind of thing. I do think, as I have hinted at before, there is savings to be had to both the environment and the overall bottom line of a farming operation that uses horses. Of course there is also the huge satisfaction that is achieved with just using life animals with a living breathing soul. I have often thought that having a farm with solar arrays to power the house and the needs of a small shop. This leads me to the thought I have had a few times. How much energy and non-renewable resources are used to create the typical set of solar panels to power a large size house?

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