HootsuiteHootsuite is another web app, that similar to BufferApp, has as its primary function the ability to queue posts to the top social media destinations, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. It functions fairly similarly to the former as well. The differences are minor, but worth noting to be sure. I will note, that I personally use both – the former for most of my reading coming out of Feedly (a cloud based RSS reader, which as BufferApp integrated) and Hootsuite for those post that come up and I am sending right away or want to delay a bit because I just sent a post or two. Continue reading “HootSuite”


BufferAppBufferApp is a pretty nice little tool for helping to get a handle on your social media information sharing.  It works with Twitter, Facebook, and has just added Google+.  What is it?  The short answer is it allows you to queue up and schedule your social media information.  It is, a bit more complex than all of that, but it is still very simple to use.  With a little bit of effort, it can be used to great effect. Continue reading “BufferApp”

Pinterest, Digg Digg, ShareThis, & More…

PinterestOkay, not even going there in regards to how long it has been since I have made a post.  In quick defense of that long stretch I had a ten-day vacation followed by half a day of fishing, all of which has been followed by more than enough days spent trying to catch back up at the office.  That being said, it is time to get back to a regular posting schedule, which has not been the case since back in November I believe.  Being it is what I like to call Tech Friday, thought I would share some of what has been going on around here of late behind the scenes with the like of Digg Digg, Pinterest, and some experiments with ShareThis and Wibaya.

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Disqus, Livefyre, & Facebook

LivefyreAnyone who has been around here the last few months may have noticed, as I discussed back sometime last year I may go ahead with an install of Disqus and I did. I have been running that comment system for about the last five months. The biggest reason I wanted to go to it has never been re-implemented so I switched today. The comment system I have switched to is called Livefyre. So far, I am still on the fence about the change and I think I may need to just go back to the regular comment system included with WordPress and pursue my on API interface to incorporate Facebook comments back to the blog.

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New Year Blog Clean Up

Cleaning ToolsSpent a good part of the early morning hours going through things here on Mephistos doing some cleaning up and it made me realize a few things. The kinds of things I was cleaning up was primarily links to other sites and almost all of the things I realized had to relate to just that. Clearly it is not something I had done in a while, as a few of the blogs I was linked to(aside from my own) had completely died, not having had a single post in all of 2011, others had completely changed the focus or were not even a blog any more, and yet others had resurfaced that I had removed some time before. A clean up of links and review of plugins and processes was clearly in order.

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IntenseDebate vs. Disqus

IntenseDebateRealize that a few months ago I gave Disqus a trial run based on something I had read about it pulling in comments from other sources. However, that particular function seemed to work sporadically at best and so after a few days of testing I rolled it back. However, without much brain power having been spent, it is clear the comments increased during that short-lived attempt. So, now I come back asking if I were to consider a return to such a community/comment building system – which is the better option – Disqus or the very popular IntenseDebate?

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Facebook, Changes, Attitude, & Google+

Facebook vs GoogleThere have been some fairly significant changes to the overall appearance of the primary interface that users of the number one social media site, Facebook, see that rolled out to most users this past week sometime. I personally have very little of an opinion about it, but more about that later. My biggest issue is the general lack of concern about the users (note, I did not say customers) that Facebook seems to have shown in this and similar roll-outs of changes in the past. Kind of reminds of some other, earlier social media sites seemed to do – sites that I might also note are almost non-existent due to Facebook. Facebook does have competition these days though and that brings us to Tech Friday…

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DISQUS Comment System

DISQUSAnyone out there using the DISQUS comment system on there WordPress based blog? I have been debating it for a little while and seeing it more often all the time on various blogs and even other sites. It has some nice features but I am wondering if there is catch that would leave me regretting the choice later. Also, in some limited testing I did a little while ago, it seemed that some of the integration was a bit lacking, wondering if that was just my limited testing or exposure of something I failed to set up. Thinking of plunging into it (probably am with Mephistos anyway) with my blogs but would like to hear experiences first.

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Pandora Radio – Reloaded

PandoraIt has been a long time since I have really made any mention of Pandora Radio here on Mephistos. Be sure though that the lack of mention does not mean that I have not been using it. In fact, with all the extra options for the user of the wonderful technology I regularly max on the free account. Clearly, with all the great new options it is more than past time to revisit the product. For those that are not aware of the product, a brief synopsis is in order. It is a streaming internet based radio that will work on a genre or you can seed the music with a specific artist or even a single song. The great thing is the database of music information (via the Music Genome Project) they have that finds similar music to present to you on the stream.

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