NaBloPoMo Suckage

I SuckA quick, and belated note that I suck this year in regards to NaBloPoMo. At least, on the one hand, I can say I did not fail with NaNoWriMo this year, having decided at the very last minute that I was just going to be too busy to pursue it effectively and not starting the pursuit 50,000 words despite having some preparations to contrary. On the other hand, by starting the one and getting off track after 1/2 of the thirty day challenge for blog posting daily, can I say I am any worse off? Not really, and compare that to the Congressional Super Committee’s performance the seemingly dire consequences that are likely to come from that seemingly epic failure.

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Bidvertiser Failure

BidvertiserBidvertiser, as an advertising company is an epic failure in my opinion and if I were paying for advertisement I would be irate with them. A little background is in order, I am sure. A few months ago I got serious about pursuing advertising and sponsorships to help offset the costs associated with hosting and supporting not only Mephistos, but the several other blogs I have as well. Granted, I still have some serious work to do, especially in regards to actually getting some sponsorships, but the advertising as been pursued in-depth. On advertiser solution I decided to pursue was with a company called Bidvertiser.

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