Fall – Cricket Chirp

cricketThe other morning, Sunday before Labor Day, I think, I was in awake rather early and heard the delightful chirp of a cricket.  Actually at first I was not quite sure what I was hearing, but as I sought out the sound and got closer it dawned on my sleeping awareness that it was indeed a cricket.  Really not anything to get excited about, except that I have always associated the chirp of crickets with the onset of fall – which is my favorite time of year.

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Be ThankfulI recently noticed over on a blog that I stumbled upon by accident a list of things that the blogger was thankful for during that day or week or some such. Long story and I am not absolutely sure how I stumbled on the blog, but I know her name is Lori-Lynn Hurley and I am pretty sure I found her on Facebook through people I may know. Anyway, she is a Transy alumni, has artistic tendencies, and is a very active blogger at The Dream Life. I decided that was a really good idea, especially when I recall that I have category called frustrations here on Mephistos, but nothing where I categorize that feel good things as a general rule (though I suppose the ones that are get stuck in the life category generally – but not all of life is a positive thing). Taking her thought process as the lead, I am going to create a thankful category to balance Continue reading “Thankful…”


Walnuts on Tree
I started this blog on mephistos.com sometime late last fall. I had been doing a bit of blogging off and on another site, as well as the original post that was initially completed on the wordpress.com hosted version of what eventually became the basis of this blog.

Anyway it occurred to me last night when I was walking through a park near to my new residence with Bitzer on our nightly walk for exercise and some vain attempt to get in shape, look good, and live forever that I had been blogging for a total of just about one year now. It further struck me that one of the first blog notes I had ever written, maybe the second or third one was about a day that I took Jack, the horse for a trail ride just about this time of year. It was reinforced in my mind by having walked beneath a walnut tree and finding the green hard husk that contains the shell and eventually the nut itself. I of course had to pause and pick up the nut, as that faintly citrus smell mingled with the unique smell that makes it a walnut, is somehow one of my favorite fragrances in the world.

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